Family Games from Megableu Review & Giveaway

We’ve been trying out some fun family games from Megableu, and can offer one lucky reader the chance to win the bundle of games for their family too!

You might remember back at Halloween we reviewed a couple of spooky themed games from Megableu, Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunter Evolution. Now, we introduced the kids to some more games which are great fun for family time at any time of year.

The games are: Trickin’ Camel, Alien Mission, and CobrAttack. What I really like about all of the games is that they’re quite active and lively, and have a different feel to typical board games. All of them can be played with only 1 player, or with multiple players which makes them quite versatile too.


I’ll tell you a bit about each one, and then you can watch our video to see them all in action. Don’t forget to enter to win your own bundle of games at the end of the post.

Trickin’ Camel


Trickin’ Camel is an electronic game of reaction times and observation, but with a few twists. The game involves watching the lights that flash in front of the camel, to remember and mimic the order that they flash, or to select the one which went out last and other similar challenges.

If you get it wrong, then the trickin’ camel will play his trick and shoot out water at you! If you get it right, you can collect one of the bottles from his back. These bottles randomly pop up at other times of the game too, so you need to be alert for this all the time!

My 5 and 7 year olds have really enjoyed this game. The water element adds extra fun, and they could manage the light challenges pretty well. The rules are easy, so anyone can grasp how to play within just a couple of minutes.

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Alien Mission


This game is quite similar to Ghost Hunter Evolution which we reviewed recently, but rather than the images being projected out onto the wall, you must wear the googles to see the aliens and there are also robots which you must avoid shooting.

Since this game is with goggles rather than being out in the open on the walls, it is more of a one player game but it can be easily made into a multi player by taking turns and then comparing scores.

My boys all enjoy this game a lot, and since the rounds are not too long, it’s easy for them to happily take turns. It took us a couple of minutes to get the hang of it once we had opened the box and set it up, but after that it was pretty straight forward. You can set 3 different levels of difficulty to help keep it at the right level for each child.

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CobrAttack is the most active game of the three, which involves sneaking across the room to steal the gem from the cobra’s basket. This game is really good to play as a family, and is fun for all ages.

When the eyes shine green, that’s when you can move towards the basket but when it’s red you must stop as any motion will trigger the snake! This game also has three difficulty levels, and the green lights flash up only for short times, which helps to keep the game challenging enough for the kids. All three boys (4,5 and 7) really enjoyed playing this, and we grown ups had lots of fun joining in with them too!

You will need to set the game up in an open space, but it doesn’t need to be particularly large as long as you don’t have furniture blocking the way.

This game has atmospheric sound effects too, to help build the mood while you’re playing.

With all of the games, you will need to supply your own batteries so do stock up before buying since they take a few batteries each.

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Watch the video

See these three games in action in our short video


Enter via the Gleam widget below for your chance to win the bundle of all five games including:

Creepy Hand

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Trickin Camel

Alien Mission


But be quick, it’s only open until the 6th to give the winner the chance to receive your prize in time for Christmas!

Megableu games

Good luck!

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209 thoughts on “Family Games from Megableu Review & Giveaway”

  1. we loves games and these would be a great addition to our family games nights, I think we’d play the “Trickin Camel” first. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. All these games look great but Trickin camel looks great fun, great giveaway and suitable for young and old children so would keep both of mine happy!

  3. Oh my god! My son would love Alien Mission! I have never seen these games before that is definetly the first one we would try! 🙂

  4. Think Alien Mission would be right up my daughter’s street – think we’d definitely be playing that one first if we won 🙂

  5. I think Cobra Attack looks great fun,but no doubt my grandchildren would decide which one we play first,the games would be a very welcome addition to “grandma’s games” and I hope I may be lucky x

  6. They all look so FAB and different!! We haven’t got any games like this at all. But I would REALLY love to see my sons play the Alien Mission game! It looks so FUNNY!!

  7. Has to be cobra attack for us, I know my boys have been looking at it , It looks so much fun and something we would really enjoy playing!

  8. They all look like great fun but my Son has already been talking about the Alien Mission game, so think this would be the first one we play with. : )

  9. all look great fun hard to choose one but the cobra attacks catches your eye onlyjust though my children would defiately love any one of these super games

  10. Alien Mission would keep the kids and adults entertained for sure, but my young children would play all of them – games such as these are always great fun for all the family.

  11. My boys would love any of these games, Cobra attack looks striking (excuse the pun!) Alien mission looks like my 8 year old would love it and the Trickin camel looks especially good for younger children and all the family.


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