Top Cheap Places for Travel 2017

Top Cheap Places for Travel 2017 / Best Traveling Places for 2017

The World is filled with beautiful places that can offer plenty of memorable experiences for travelers. Experiences like learning about new cultures, discovering different languages and customs, making new acquaintances.

There are a few popular tourist destinations that annually attract massive crowds of people, and for a good reason, they give something more than just a new place to visit — they provide a grand adventure.

But let’s say for a moment you are a budget conscious individual and would like to travel on a budget, or you would like to travel more and want to get better value for your money.

Paris, Zurich, and London are still great in their own right, but sometimes it may just be more sensible to pick a more low-key destination. Which isn’t a problem, since there is no shortage of cheap places to visit.

Top Cheap Places for Travel 2017, list of 12 suggestions

Popular spots are in high demand, and demand usually drives up the price of everything to ridiculous levels. Thriving tourist destinations can cost a pretty penny and in the end, may not be worth visiting after all.

Even if you save up enough to travel once annually, it is a good idea to consider other, more affordable options for getting more value for your money.

Everyone has reasons of their own for traveling.
Either way, this list will be essential to anyone
traveling solo or with a group.

What criteria is used in the selection process?

There are a few things to consider other than traveling costs, accommodations, and food. There is also weather, safety, English speaking disposition, traffic, and the «fun» factor.

So, as a result below is a suggested list of cheap places to travel that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Best is subjective, and there only a couple things you need to be «the best» – like the assignment help at AustralianWritings website, best sushi roll recipe or the best brand of coffee.

Also, the list provided here only contains a single city from its country. This is done to avoid repeats and for the sake of additional diversity. As always, the general suggestion is to travel outside the season for additional savings.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our trips.

1) Prague, Czech Republic

Our list begins with the largest city and the capital of Czech Republic. Prague is a relatively popular tourist destination, and it can get somewhat expensive in places to an uncommitted person. There is still a great way to enjoy Prague on a budget; you only need to get out of the center of the city for your overall stay.

But nothing can prevent you from exploring the heart of the city in smaller capacities. You will find beautiful architecture; cheap and popular brands of beer; there is always the opportunity to get a sizable snack in a local tavern for a good price; as well as parks, picnics, and town concerts will keep you entertained for a while. Be smart with your money, you’ll get a lot of bang for you buck in Prague.

2) Cairo, Egypt

Are you fascinated by massive pyramids and mummified Pharoahs? Also a somewhat popular destination but with an affordable side, there are countless tours you can take for just a fraction of the cost. Experience traditional meals like falafel and kushari and take a tour of the pyramids. No need to couch surf since hotels are cheap. Seeing Egypt with own eyes is very different from observing it in front a TV. And you get to explore the Sahara while you’re at it!

3) Tenerife, Spain

The biggest and most populated Canary Island, located near the north-western coast of Africa.

Tourism is the biggest industry with millions of people visiting Tenerife each year.

You’ll get to enjoy a Hot and dry climate, Canarian culture and cuisine; and exuberant tourist attractions.

Also home to the second-biggest carnival in the world – Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife; it is usually held February and attracts a big crowd of people. Think of Tenerife as discount Ibiza of vacations.

4) Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

A stunningly beautiful blend of culture and history provided by Sarajevo’s old town. If you enjoy active tourism, you’ll get to experience biking, rafting, kayaking and hiking through the mountainous regions.

5) Krakow, Poland

Another country with beautiful architecture and rich culture. Cheap food, reasonably priced accommodations and cozy city streets.

Krakow narrowly beats Warsaw as the city of choice on the list. Krakow is a beautiful old town is considered a cultural capital of Poland. It has plentiful attractions you can lose yourself in. Don’t forget to try out traditional food – goulash and pierogi in particular!

6) Sofia, Bulgaria

Probably the cheapest European capital, Sofia has a lot to offer when it comes to value.

Cheap markets, good food, cathedrals, churches and large boulevards all add incredible charm to the package.

Consider going off-season for experiencing the city in Winter; it is a treat.

7) Marrakesh, Morocco

Let’s break away from all these European cities and move back to Africa to a more exotic location.

A trip to Sahara by a camel in a caravan should be on your itinerary if you end up in Morocco. Marrakesh has plenty to offer to any discerning tourist – steam baths, guided tours, a lot of street markets to buy fruits and vegetables from, as well barbecue, curry, bread, roasted meats, and stews. Do some window shopping for all your souvenir needs, like rugs.

Keep in mind that it is a Muslim country, alcohol is somewhat expensive and only available in restaurants/cafes.

8) Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is an incredible site to behold; it is a massive archipelago with over 13 thousand islands.

Jakarta makes this list by providing great cost-efficiency. Flights to Jakarta are cheap, as well as hotels and guest houses.

Major restaurants are not much more expensive than street food.

9) La Fortuna De San Carlos, Costa-Rica

Welcome to Central America. La Fortuna de San Carlos is a small city in Costa-Rica, and it is home to many spectacles.

Like the Proyecto Asis animal shelters, where you can learn about exotic animals that inhabit Central America and get additional information on handling wildlife from the staff.

Also, Arenal — Costa-Rica’s most active volcano, complete with hot springs around it.

Plus the La Fortuna waterfall, and Ecotermales spring baths.

10) Zagreb, Croatia

Another great Mediterranean solution, Croatia is a Balkan country with the vast majority if its territory being exposed the warm waters of the Adriatic sea.

The coastline is mostly rocky, and sandy beaches are rare. But since Italy is not a choice here, it is a sufficient alternative.

11) Athens, Greece

An ancient civilization with a rich history and with significant works of art. The birthplace of the Olympic Games, Greece is a historical treasure trove.

Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Hephaestus among many museums and other sights are on display in Athens.

It can get pricey, but if you want to avoid crowds of tourists, consider going off-season during the winter or early spring, you won’t lose much regarding overall spectacle.

But not only that, since Greece is also washed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea you may consider taking a trip to one of the less popular spots near the coast.

The cheapest way to travel is by bus.

12) Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another country that is focused on tourism, Thailand is heaven to budget conscious travelers. It is filled to the brim with things to do and see – Ancient temples, Highlands Golf and Spa Resort, Thai cuisine (which is very spicy, like curry) and a large assortment of teas. There is even the option to take a class on local cuisine so that you could impress friends back home with your cooking.

Among other things, there is Over a dozen million tourists visit Thailand every year, so before you decide on a hotel, read reviews and previous impressions.

So there you have it, travel safe and travel far.


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