Top 9 Adventure Things to do in Majorca with Teenagers

Keeping kids occupied on holiday is more work than many parents think. Especially teenagers. They’ve left their friends behind, the telly is in a foreign language, their favourite games are all at home and they are… BORED! They don’t want to go in the pool, they’re too hot, they don’t fancy anything on the menu in the restaurant, their new flip flops rub them, they are bickering with each other… 

Sometimes we wonder why we take teenagers on holiday at all!

Majorca: Ideal Destination for Travel with Teenagers

That’s why the Spanish Mediterranean island of Majorca is the perfect destination for a summer holiday with teenagers: there are loads of things to do. 

With this list of great ideas for adventure excursions in Majorca, the kids won’t get bored, they will tire themselves out and, most importantly, they’ll give you some peace to enjoy your holiday too.

If you have younger children as well as teenagers, there are still plenty of things on this list that you can all do as a family in Majorca. 

1. Parasailing or Banana Boat

Minimum age: 7 years.
Advice: Participants must be able to swim.

If you are visiting Majorca on holiday with the family, then you are definitely going to be spending some time at the beach. With younger kids, you just need to give them a bucket and spade and they’re happy for the whole day, allowing you to relax and soak up the sun. Teenagers, however, take a bit more work.

It’s likely that you are staying at a family resort in Majorca at one of the big beaches, such as Alcudia, Palma Nova or Puerto Pollensa. This means that you have access to loads of things to do at the beach which are more than ideal for teenagers. Plus, there’s a good chance that they haven’t tried any of these things before. And the best news: they can perfectly do it own their own while you watch from the safety of your towel.

  • Parasailing: Parasailing is a thrilling ride, where you soar through the air on a parachute, attached to a speedboat. The boat ride takes around 45 minutes, and the passengers take it in turns to get harnessed in and to shoot off the end of the boat into the air, feet dangling and mouth gaping. The views of the coastline are amazing, and the adrenaline levels are sky high.
  • Banana Boat: Maximum fun for kids and grown-ups of all ages on this giant inflatable banana, which is towed around the sea at top speed, bouncing over the waves. Hold on tight at the end when the speedboat starts to make tight circles, forcing the banana to tip and everyone to fall in! Don’t worry, life jackets and helmets are provided.
  • Aquarocket: Look out for the brand new beach attraction in Palma: the Aquarocket. It’s the same concept as the banana boat: inflatable pulled by a speedboat. But this time it’s a circular float like a giant sofa that tips backwards as the speedboat takes off and the front end lifts up.

2. Zipline Your Way Around Tirolinas Go

Minimum age for the adventure course: 5-6 years. Over 10s can do the course without a parent.
Advice: More people = more fun, so get the whole family involved.

Visit Tirlinas Go, what used to be Forestal Park, in Majorca for a top day out and take the family adventure circuit around the park. This is one that teenagers can do on their own, but it is way more fun when the whole family joins in. 

Forestal Park is home to the biggest zipline in Majorca, more than 200m in length and 20m high. You are connected to a line by a harness for the whole circuit, which you follow around the park on more than two hours of adrenaline fun and adventure as you swing through the vines like Tarzan, cross rope bridges, climb up webs, and more. 

3. Cliff Jumping

Minimum age: Ask your mum.
Advice: Make sure the water is deep BEFORE you launch!

Cliff jumping in Majorca is huge with the local kids. They finish school, they dump their bags, and they head out to the rockiest beaches for cliff jumping! Homework can wait. 

At some beaches in Majorca cliff jumping is banned, and for good reason: because the sea is very shallow. So please do some research before you allow your kids to just launch themselves from the rocks. 

The great thing about cliff jumping for the rest of the (non-participating) family is that you get to visit a different beach, with impressive cliffs and gorgeous views. There are many ideal spots for cliff jumping, and here are three popular cliff jumping spots in Majorca, but when in doubt, just follow the local teens.

  • Alcudia: S’Illot Beach in the area of La Victoria is ideal for cliff jumping, especially if you have younger children too. The cliffs are not too high and the views of the Bay of Pollensa are excellent.
  • Colonia de Sant Jordi: Just follow the local kids around the coast and you’ll be led straight to the popular cliff jumping spot.
  • If you want to try cliff jumping at small cove, Cala Pi is the place to head. There’s a popular spot where the rock has formed a ledge to jump from.

4. Try Stand-up Paddle

Minimum age: All ages
Advice: Don’t plan anything for the next day because you are going to ache in the morning!

Stand-up paddle is probably something your teenager hasn’t already tried before. And it is something that will keep them occupied for hours, as it is a skill that takes practice. Stand-up paddle is a safe water sport that is normally practiced close to the coastline in shallow waters and is suitable for all levels of ability and fitness.

You take your paddle board and your paddle. You find a nice calm area of the sea, and you gently push yourself off, starting on your knees. As you gain balance and confidence, you start to try and stand up. That’s when the fun starts!

But once you’ve practiced for an hour or so and have managed to get the hang of paddle-surfing, you can really relax and enjoy the scenery and the gentle lapping of the water around you. 

Majorca is the ideal place for stand-up paddle, as the water is shallow, is rarely rough and (because you WILL fall in) is warm. If you haven’t tried stand-up paddle before, then we recommend taking a course for an hour or two, where you have a professional instructor who will look after you and give you tips about how to balance. 

5. Family Boat Trip with Snorkelling

Minimum age: All ages.
Advice: Book in advance in summer.

You MUST go on a boat if you are visiting Majorca. There are so many boat trips and so many great places to see. A boat trip is something the whole family can do together, and, if you have kids of different ages, you can choose a one that has something for everyone. And there are loads to choose from.

A great boat trip in Puerto Pollensa is on a typical Majorcan wooden boat on a four-hour tour around Pollensa Bay. It is a small boat, that traditionally was used for fishing, for a maximum of 12 passengers and the captain will adapt to what those onboard would like to do. They will take you to the best, most secluded coves to swim and snorkel from the boat. They will provide rods if you want to fish, and they carry a stand-up paddle board and a kayak for people who want to try water sports. Food and drinks are included, and it is a truly unforgettable day out for the whole family. 

There are other excursions similar to this in other parts of the island.

6. Take “The Challenge”

Minimum age: 8 years. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
Advice: Participants must be able to swim.

“The Challenge” is a multi-adventure activity that takes place in summertime in Alcudia. You have to book well in advance, as the spaces are limited each day, due to the fact that the transportation is by jeep and only 12 people fit.

You are picked up (or you can go direct to the arranged meeting point) and are taken to the S’Illot area of Alcudia where the Bay of Alcudia meets the Bay of Pollensa on a rocky part of the coastline. Once you arrive, The Challenge begins. It involves coast trekking, cliff jumping, swimming, snorkelling and kayaking. Best of all, it’s a competition and the winning team takes the treasure! It is a half day activity of non-stop fun and excitement and, at the end of it, the whole family will return exhausted and exhilarated.

All the equipment needed for the adventure is provided for you, such as helmets, wetsuits and shoes for walking on the rocky seabed. The team even takes photos of the day out, so you don’t need to take anything with you except your towel.

7. Adventure Speed Boat

Minimum age: 8 years.
Advice: Participants must know how to swim.

Take a ride on an adventure speedboat. Hold on very tight and brace yourself as the speedboat bounces over the waves on an adrenaline-filled adventure ride. Each person stands, facing forward, holding tight onto the bars in front of them. There’s a back rest, so you can support yourself well as the boat flies over the sea. The ride takes an hour, including a stop for swimming and for everyone to get their breath back. Teenagers can go unaccompanied, but mums and dads are gonna love it too, so why not book for all the family? Booking is essential as there are limited spaces.

8. Horse Riding

Minimum age: 4 years (otherwise, toddlers can ride with an adult).
Advice: The whole family is going to love it.

Horse riding is a great fun thing to do for the whole family in Majorca. And if you have younger children too, everyone can join in. Imagine riding as a family across Majorca’s plains, with a warm breeze on your face and distant views of the sea and the mountains…

Perhaps your children go horse riding at home and already know how to ride. But don’t worry if they don’t – or if you don’t. This is an activity for all levels of ability, including complete beginners. 

There are loads of horse-riding activities on offer in all different parts of the island. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Horse Riding and BBQ at Rancho Grande: saddle up at Rancho Grande in Son Serra de Marina for a late afternoon horse riding experience of one hour. You’ll be spilt into groups according to riding ability and will then either gallop across the countryside or will walk in single file on horseback through a pine forest. Afterwards, as the sun goes down, everyone will meet back up at the ranch for a hearty BBQ dinner with music and country-style dancing.
  • One-hour horse riding in Alcudia: If you don’t fancy (or have the budget for) the whole shebang at Rancho Grande, go to Alcudia for a simple one-hour horse riding session in the hills behind the resort, where you and your kids will discover how nice Alcudia is on horseback. Later you can meet the other animals at the farm attached to the stables.
  • Horse Riding in on the beach in Can Picafort: The stables in Can Picafort offer a one-hour and a three-hour horse-riding excursion on which they take you from the stables, through a wooded area and down to the beach. In the case of the three-hour tour, you ride for a very pleasant while on the beach, all the way to Son Serra de Marina, passing the ancient ruins of Son Real.

9. Get Inspired at the Rafa Nadal Xperience Museum

Who doesn’t want their child to be inspired by an athlete? Well in Majorca you have the opportunity to encourage your lazy teen to be an international tennis sensation – yeah right! Well, if not, at least your whole family is going to half an “ace” day out at the Rafa Nadal Xperience Museum in Manacor, Majorca.

This interactive museum is totally dedicated to sport, with information about the local pro himself and other stars from all different kinds of sports from football to car racing. As you walk around the museum you are going to come across “Xperience Simulators”, which are virtual rides that test your skills in tennis, rowing, Formula 1, cycling and much more. You’ll also see the exhibition room where Rafa’s many trophies are on display from his whole career.

The Rafa Nadal Xperience is only part of this complex, as there is also the Rafa Nadal Academy as well as a hotel. You’ll see tennis courts where the young future stars are taking time out from their studies to practice their serves. In fact, you might even see Rafa himself if you visit out of season when there is no tournament.

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