Top 5 Rainy Day Kids Activities

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is unfortunately not snoring because the kids are stuck inside.

When dreary weather keeps everyone confined to the inside, there will be no rest for the wicked as the little ones will be bouncing off the walls with pent-up energy.

Sticking them in front of the TV just won’t cut it, so check out these fantastic rainy-day activities to let your kids get creative despite the weather. 

Get Cooking

The kitchen is a place where kids can be creative, learn, and bond. Explore some new recipes together as a family or get baking with a few simple ingredients.

There is not a kid around who doesn’t love decorating a cupcake or getting their hands dirty in some flour. 

There is also tons to be learned in the kitchen while cooking. Kids should be doing the measuring or could help you do some conversions if they have a basic understanding of math.

Science is also all around in the kitchen and children love to see oil and water separate or see what happens if you drip some lemon into baking soda. 

Play Board Games

This is the time when parents can also feel like kids again while playing all sorts of kids board games.

The benefits of letting kids play board games are endless and this is the easiest way to get them to learn while having fun.

Strategy board games for kids like Outfoxed or Catan will urge kids to formalize a plan and adapt it throughout to be successful.

Many games also help younger kids with literacy, introducing them to numbers and letters in a fun and constructive way. This all helps kids become eager, independent learners. 

Also, look into special editions of your favorite games for a special treat. Buy some property in Arendell with a Frozen-themed Monopoly set or get your Spidey senses tingling with any of the exhilarating Spiderman games on the market.

These games offer a fun new twist on classic games, keeping kids focused on the game as they get to interact with all their favorite characters. 

Explore Science

You don’t need fancy components or lab equipment to make science come to life in your home.

Basic household items like shaving cream, paint, food coloring, and baking soda will go a long way to show kids the magical world of science.

There are tons of fun and easy experiments you can do at home that will leave your kids in amazement. 

Let water magically rise to demonstrate Charles’s Law or build a balloon-powered car to learn about the laws of motion.

You can even make your own rock candy for an experiment that is both colorful and delicious.

A firm favorite amongst young ones is making different kinds of slime, an experiment that will keep them occupied for hours.

See how many liquids you can layer in a glass container and drop in some items to see them magically suspended in between layers. 

You can also dive into some engineering by letting kids build structures from recyclable goods.

They can build a phone stand from some sticks and paperclips or use an assortment of materials to build a safe nest for an egg drop. 

Scavenger Hunt

This one should be just as much fun for you to set up as it is for them to play.

Hide items all around the house and give kids clues to seek them out. You can hide a big prize at the end or hide puzzle pieces along the way to make them finish one big puzzle to complete the challenge. 

There are also pre-designed scavenger hunt cards available on Etsy if you aren’t feeling very creative or get strapped for time.

Try to incorporate many elements into your hunt al let kids’ complete tasks along the way. This could be as simple as opening a lock or tying a knot or they could solve a math equation or solve a riddle.

Host A Talent Show

This will get the whole family involved and serve up endless laughs. Everyone can perform a few of their talents whether it be singing or dancing or something more abstract like folding origami or getting dressed in record time. 

A talent show is a particularly good activity if you want to fill many hours as kids can spend all day getting prepared or practicing their talent. 

Decorate the living room to set the stage for the grand finale and have everyone join in on the judging to see “who is the most talented member of the family”. Hint: It will always be the youngest member of the household!

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