Top 5 Best Tools To Try For Video Conferencing


With today’s technology, communicating has become easy and smooth. Thanks to the innovations intended to connect with our friends, colleagues, family, and everyone all over the world. From emails up to social media platforms, you can choose how you would want to get in touch with them. You can do chat, audio calls, and even video calls. 

There have been various tools that offer more fun and exciting features readily available for its users when it comes to video calls. With that, here are a few of the best video conference tools that you might want to try this 2020.


Google Meet

Recently, Google introduced its latest video free video conferencing tool to its growing clients, the Google Meet.  Google Meet has been available for free use for a while now. With its simple and easy-to-use features like text chat, video chat for up to 10 people, and screen sharing. If you are one of those people who’d use a straightforward and quick platform, Google Meet is suitable for you.


With this, the service that was only exclusive to G Suite clients is now accessible to everyone with a Gmail account. Not to mention it lets up to 100 people to join the conference.


Skype Meet Now

Whether we agree or not, there are instances wherein we want to take advantage of a service but do not want to sign up or download and install an application. Well, you now have one less problem, thanks to Skype Meet Now. Skype has been well-known for its top-quality audio and video conferencing. In case you don’t know, the Microsoft-owned Skype has been available since 2003.


The introduction of the Skype Meet Now addressed some people’s demand for video conferencing directly. Also, Skype added more engaging sides to its existing features. Unlike the existing Skype application, this does not require any download, and you can access it through any browser.


When you hold meetings using the Skype Meet Now, click the “Meet Now” button, or you may choose the “create a free meeting” option on its web version. Also, participants with no Skype account may join the conference without any hassle by using the shared link, while participants with existing accounts will be routed to the application. 


Although the Skype Meet Now is only supported on Microsoft Edge and Chrome, they are working on creating other programs. Some of its features are presentation sharing, background blurring, and a 30 days call recording.



There are various conferencing applications like the Zoom accessible for personal use—using it to conduct a virtual interview like what most companies do these days too. However, the StarLeaf app is a bit different from all of these existing video conferencing tools, as larger companies commonly utilize it.


Available on both mobile and desktop, StarLeaf offers High Definition audio and video calls for up to 20 participants with 46-minute long each meeting. The app also integrates professional AV and supports different screens and cameras. These dependable systems will improve your boardrooms and conference rooms.


For companies with smaller meeting areas, StarLeaf provides affordable tools to give a reliable communication tool. It will help you effortlessly conduct a point to point video calls or meetings. It also features the StarLeaf Encore, cloud-based admin controls, video calling, and many more. It lets you perform conferences with other platforms like Polycom, Skype for Business, and Zoom.



Talky is one of the most straightforward video-conferencing tools to set up. Without the need to pay, sign up, or even download, this app no wonder is in everyone’s top choice. This best works for teams with only less than six participants seeking for simple features. By creating a group name and sending the link to the participants, you may efficiently conduct video calls. 


Some of Talky’s key features are locked rooms and screen sharing. It also provides WebRTC discussion to give users on-demand support. Users can also enjoy using the application by playing some games, a feature that any other apps in the market do not offer.


Remote HQ

Some of you may not have heard about the Remote HQ video conferencing tool. It might not be the most admired in the market today. However, it does not fall short when it comes to providing their clients intuitive, secure, and flexible service to their clients. No wonder a few people opt to use this app.


With the collaborative tools and cutting-edge technologies included in Remote HQ, this application promises nothing but the easiest and most excellent services for its users. A few of its features are:


  • conference recording
  • easy sharing of files
  • co-operative whiteboard
  • screen sharing
  • Google and Slack Calendar Integration


Remote HQ’s essential parts are made up of information from applications operating in your room, HQ. Including a dashboard to access control, manage sessions, and many more. You also have the option to mix and match various applications in one workspace and take advantage of the consolidation of the web-based tools you usually use.



Communication has been an essential factor in being able to harmonize things, and today’s means of communication have made it easier to reach this goal. May it be for personal, work, or even business-related reasons. These communication tools have helped us a lot, especially when it comes to gathering and sharing our ideas worldwide. Various tools are available online. You only need to choose the best that suits your needs.

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