Reasons Why Users Leave Your Website

Business can be hard, especially in this climate and we bet you’re doing great! But if you’ve got the feeling your website could be doing better… you’re probably right. When you’re analysing your website for improvements, don’t expect it to be just one thing that you’ll need to tweak, its usually a number of things which are keeping your bounce rate (the percentage of people that leave your website) so high.  The formula to creating an immediately creative and attractive website first time is complex, so we’re going to show you how to stop bumping into these roadblocks along the way.

Movement and Details


If your users struggle to discover the piece of information, they’re looking for on your website, they’re going to get frustrated and leave. We can assume that your website has not been designed with multiple devices in mind. The minute you don’t meet your user’s criteria for ‘easy searching’, they lose interest and in turn you lose a potential sale. 


Responsive web design is the key you need to unlock the attention of users on desktop, mobile or tablet. Categorise your websites information by setting up website pages which separate the most important pieces of information. For example, homepage, content page, products/services page and a gallery which will act as portfolio.


No matter what industry you work in there is no excuse for disorganised information online. Starting out, all your basic information should be present. Don’t forget to include phone numbers, prices and contact details or links to your social media platforms.


People use the internet to get what they want but faster, so don’t slow down their search and risk losing business by hiding all your information. You could even keep your contact details in the header, so they’re present no matter which page your user is on.


Give Your Users Time


Additional adverts are fine but try not to bombard your clients with pop ups straight away. 


Allow them time to work their way through the website and place ‘Subscribe here’ or ‘Sign Up to our Newsletter’ options at relevant places throughout your website. If you are designing an eCommerce website, then wait until they have filled their baskets and are ready to check out before asking them to create an account. 


Simple things like giving your users time to explore and learn about your coming can subconsciously keep them on your website and exploring your amazing content, whilst becoming familiar with your company and your ethos. 


Your website needs to be entirely focussed on what your users wants to see from your website, not what you think looks good. An alternative solution is to hire experts from Stockport website design agencies who can map out the best route your website design should take to avoid losing users and increase your websites traffic.


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