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Giving kids their own to do list is a great way to help them stay on task with their responsibilities. Visual reminders are useful for adults, and it tends to be even more so the case for kids. This hands on to-do list craft is fun to make, and helpful for kids to keep on track with their morning or bed time routines.

Yellow Felt Bunny recently sent us a lovely craft kit – a to do list craft that hangs on your door. Here’s how we made it.

DIY to do list door hanger made with wooden pegs. Helps kids to keep on track with the morning or bedtime routine, or chores

The kit contains:

to do list craft equipment

1. A wooden door hanger
2. 2 paintbrushes. The bigger one to paint and the smaller one for glue.
3. 3 tubs of paint and one of glue.
4. Decorative bits and bobs – ribbon, fake gemstones and glittered foam shapes
5. Glitter. The thin tube is plain glitter, and the fat one is glitter glue.
6. 6 pegs
7. An extra little fun treat.
The above is a different colour scheme to the one we have, but the same kit. We had red paint, ribbon and accessories.
The project was just at the right level for my eldest boy, Z (nearly 5) and the concept of making his own to-do list and marking it off with the pegs really appealed to him.
boy painting
painting door hanger
Mr Z carefully painted all of the wooden door hanger, trying his best to keep it neat and made sure that no white space was left unpainted. He has used all the colours provided (red, pinky red and yellow in our pack) and it the amount of paint provided was plenty to cover both sides with a little left over just in case!
painted glitter crafts
He moved on to decorate it with the glitter, there are both types provided – glitter glue (gold) and loose glitter (red) – so of course he had to include both. We just shook the loose glitter onto the wet paint and it stuck there as it dried.
stickers crafts
Getting ready to add some of the decorative bits and pieces onto the door hanger. If you click the pic you can see he has glitter all over his face. Covered in paint and glitter always seem to be a sign of having a good time 😀
paint on newspaper
Once the 1st side had dried a bit we were able to place it on newspaper and paint the other side, so that mr Z could decorate both sides using this glittery foam sticks and also the jems and jewels which were provided – stuck on with the pot of glue.
He also painted all the pegs in red and decorated them with glitter, and glued the ribbon around the top.
Once it had all dried, he asked me to write the “to do list” title on for him, as his handwriting it still very big and I don’t think he would have managed to fit it on. I also did a little tick and cross on each side as he requested, so he can move his pegs to the correct side depending whether he has done his task.
This craft should fit on pretty much any door handle since the opening is large
home made childrens chore list to do list task list
On the pegs I have put tasks like make bed, tidy room, brush teeth, read book, get dressed. They are motivating for him and he loves to have a chart which he can be in charge of. The first day he made this he rushed to do all the tasks so he could show me he has finished, and each day since he has still been doing it – so I definitely can’t complain about that! I quite like that the tasks are written on the pegs, separate to the main thing so if you want to change them you don’t have to remake the whole craft just get more pegs. The pegs could be used for any type of task which makes it very versatile too. I was thinking it could be made into a salah chart too especially to encourage the children during Ramadan. Using 5 pegs for the daily prayers!
This is a great idea of a craft which can be useful once it is finished, and something a child can be proud of having and using.
If you would like one of your own you can buy craft kits from Yellow Felt Bunny either as a one off kit, or a yearly subscription.

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  1. What a very simple, but fantastic idea. I think I need one of these never mind Ethan. I’m very tempted to get some for hour house as we would probably need about ten on these.

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