Tips To Save Your Money Around The House

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By Luciana Oliveira

Everybody wants to save money, no matter who you are, what kind of job you have, your social status, or your guilty spending pleasures.

And when it comes to running a home – big or small – there are always opportunities to save money.


Now we don’t have to go to the extreme and stop using the heating, but we can implement some changes around the home to make sure you are staying on top of how much you spend.


You could be losing money and not even realize that this is the case. 


Monitor Your Water Usage

Even if your home is well maintained and you have a plumber service the property yearly, it is always worth watching the water meter and taking notes about the readings every week.

This is because if your water bill at the end of the month doesn’t line up with what you have actually used, it could be a sign of a leaky tap or pipe somewhere. If this is the case, it is literally draining your money away.


Monitor the water usage and be sure to check for any abnormalities. If in doubt, you can request a plumber to take a look.


It is better to pay a one-time fee and be sure for the foreseeable future than to continually waste money every month.


Use A Modern Radiator

But your radiator works just fine? Well, it might be working perfectly, but the technology that operates the radiator may be up to a decade old.


The problem with this is that old radiators tend to be less energy efficient, even when they are working flawlessly.


And that is assuming that they are working to the same efficiency as when they were installed, which is most likely not the case.


It may knock a decent amount of money off of your heating bill every month if you upgrade to a more efficient model with the same BTU output.

Just like any sector, technology improves efficiency over time – radiators are no different.


You can have a look at some excellent, modern models over on Trade Radiators if you think this tip will be useful to you.


Install A New Toilet

This one works to the same effect as getting a new radiator. Old toilets tend to have old technology that isn’t as efficient as their modern counterparts.


So, by investing in a new toilet, you could save chunks from your water bill every month and still have a toilet that works perfectly.


If you are unsure, you can always ask a plumber for their opinion, or research the model of toilet you have currently to compare, and then estimate potential savings.


Consider Using More Carpet

If you are in a home with hardwood floors – or even worse, stone floors – then you will be losing a lot of heat that a carpet can keep in.


Imagine going to sleep with a plastic tarp over you. Now imagine going to sleep with a regular duvet.

The concept is similar for your home – even with wall and floor insulation built-in. Laying a carpet is also more comfortable on the feet!

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