Tips for Creating Your Perfect Summer 2019 Wardrobe

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It is hard to believe that June, and the summer, are just around the corner. This year has gone so fast. If you are anything like me, you still have not bought everything you need for your summer wardrobe. 

Fortunately, the bigger women’s fashion retailers, like have everything you need already in stock. Provided you are organized, you can go online and order everything in under an hour. To save you from wasting time looking through page after page of summer clothes, I have pulled together some of the best summer 2019 trends. Using them will help you to quickly narrow down your options and order what you need.

T-shirt dresses

One of the biggest trends, for 2019, is the t-shirt dress. They are usually made from stretchy cotton or poly cotton, which means they hang well and are super comfortable. Plus, if you choose the 100% cotton kind they enable your skin to breathe naturally. This helps you to stay dry and feel cooler.


You can never rely 100% on the British weather. Even the hottest day can turn into a chilly evening. So, you need to be prepared. That means making sure that you have a lightweight jacket to hand. This year, that jacket is likely to be a kimono. They are currently available in a range of lengths and prints. So, finding one you like should not be difficult. 

Jumpsuits and boiler suits

Like last year, the jumpsuit is set to be a fashion essential. A lot of fashion designers have tapped into the utility look, this year. So, jumpsuits have kind of morphed into boilersuits. They are surprisingly smart, practical and comfortable. So, if you get a chance, I would suggest that you try a few on.

Swim dresses

If you are planning to take a holiday or do more swimming, consider buying a swim dress. They are extremely comfortable and very flattering. So, if feeling self-conscious about the way you look in a bikini or one-piece has been keeping you off the beach, that problem has been solved.

A smart blazer

For night’s out or work, treat yourself to a blazer. They are very big this year. This is part of the back to the 90s trend that is still with us. A lot of women are wearing them open during the day. Later, in the evening, when they want a more glamorous look, they are wearing a belt. Cinching in the waist in this way changes the look of these stylish jackets. It is a great way to get two looks from one item of clothing. This video shows you how to do it properly.

Is it time for a more radical change?

If you want to do a bit more than just update your wardrobe, for the warmer weather, just click here. When you do you will be taken to an article I wrote recently, which is all about changing your image. All of the advice you need to give yourself a top to toe makeover can be found in that post.

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