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Experts’ Global, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, is a trusted name that has been providing students with personalized services, in GMAT preparation and MBA admission consulting, over the years. The fine mentoring and the cutting-edge products have fast gained popularity among the students, and MBA aspirants, from every corner of the world, now avails of Experts’ Global services to obtain that necessary GMAT score and gain an admit into their desired B-schools. Their GMAT preparation program is as comprehensive and reputable as the best GMAT prep courses featured on ExamGenius

About the Company

Founded in 2008, with the vision of leveraging upon technology to further the purpose of education, Experts’ Global is a premium Ed-Tech firm. The services, built with close consideration of the pertinent needs of the learning group, have favored a vast group of students in inching towards their dream careers. The firm’s primary products are:

GMAT Online Preparation Program

15 GMAT Practice Tests with Video Explanations

MBA Admissions Consulting

GMAT Classroom Program in Noida

Having catered to a vast student group, representing over 50 nationalities, the firm stands proud to have helped MBA aspirants enroll into the globally recognized top-150 schools. To consider the statistics, Experts’ Global services are most preferred by the students of the firm’s home-nation, India, and it may be safe to say that every 10th Indian student in the US top-50 B-schools has been mentored by Experts’ Global.

Enhancing Accessibility 

The GMAT Preparation Online program, designed by Experts’ Global, is the most comprehensive GMAT prep program. In planning this program, three distinct considerations have been taken into account, namely, relativity of the prep program to the student’s learning needs, providing the student with due test-analysis to aid in conquering their weak areas, and ensuring that the entire learning process is interesting. Some key features of the program are:

  • Over 300 videos train the students in the basic concepts essential to acing the GMAT 
  • An exhaustive repository of over 4000 questions allows students to extensively train their conceptual understanding and skills
  • The practice tests have been prepared on a GMAT-like interface, a feature that helps the student familiarize himself/herself with the test format and interface
  • 15 full-length tests, along with video explanations of the applicability of the concepts

Indeed, the program enjoys repute as the most thorough prep module in the world!

In imparting training, the program takes a gradual approach. A short video introduces a particular concept to the student. This video is immediately followed by a practice exercise that helps to orient the student’s analytical skills to the particular concept. Next, the software returns the score on that exercise, and provides both textual and video explanations of the applicability of the concept to the questions, following which the student is prompted to either retake the entire exercise or only repeat the incorrect attempts. Thus, the student is able to keep a tab on his/her own performance and can take numerous attempts until he/she is confident of having mastered the concept. The exhaustive analytics and the insightful diagnostics help the students analyze their weaknesses and innovative features keep away the monotony of the regular prep programs. Built on Artificial Intelligence, the software is even programmed to interpret user behavior to analyze learning needs and, thereby, provide recommendations. 

Advocating Quality

Experts’ Global GMAT practice tests, complete with 15 full-length tests, on a GMAT-like interface, and textual and video explanations, are the most in-depth practice series for GMAT mock tests. The carefully designed analytics helps the students recognize their respective strength and weak points. This helps the student plan their study-schedule accordingly, concentrate on the weak areas, and conquer the relevant concepts. Crucially, Experts’ Global students, around the world, have affirmed a positive relativity of their GMAT mock score, taken with us, and the final GMAT scores. Moreover, a range of specific features make learning fun and interesting! Experts’ Global GMAT Test Series is the most favored among students.

Close Mentoring 

For students who prefer the live classroom environment, Experts’ Global has a provision of conducting in-class GMAT training sessions, the GMAT Classroom Program in Noida. Conducted by the founder, Mr. Mayank Srivastav, who prefers a small cohort that allows him to individually attend to students, these training classes are held in only one or two batches of 12-15 students; the business center of a premium hotel is converted to a classroom for the purpose. Besides, the students are provided with well-equipped study materials as well as access to the online preparation program. This online GMAT prep program consists of more than 300 videos, more than 4000 practice questions on a GMAT-like interface, 15 full-length tests with video explanations, along with smart diagnostics that helps in analyzing the student’s performance and providing personalized learning solutions. 

End to End Admissions Consulting  

“End to end MBA Admissions Consulting” – Experts’ Global believes in providing fine mentoring to its students. Following a boutique system, the firm appoints individual admission specialists to work with a limited number of students. Advising the students on the application process – from school-shortlisting, essay writing, recommendation letter formatting, filling of application forms, interview preparation, to answering every minute and miscellaneous queries pertaining to the admissions process – these mentors provide close consultancy at every step. Students have largely benefitted from this comprehensive approach, and over the last decade, the firm has helped several students obtain admission into the top-ranked global schools. The firm takes particular pride in guiding the students to acquire significant scholarships – since 2010, students have reportedly won scholarships over USD 10Mn every year! Undoubtedly, the firm has remained a favorite consultancy support for students seriously considering enhancing their career trajectory. 

Gaining Admit to Prominent Indian B-Schools  

Despite the fact that Experts’ Global is well versed with the admission process of an exhaustive list of global B-schools, the much renowned Indian School of Business constitutes a particular component of the firm’s portfolio offering, ISB Admissions Consulting. ISB’s global status is much revered by students and since the firm’s inception, the admissions team has catered to significant number of students exclusively desiring admission to ISB; often students take the GMAT with ISB as the sole target. With time, the firm has also developed nuanced understanding of the application process and hence, is able to provide the students with apt mentoring service. As per statistical data, 90% of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants have received interview calls and 40% have secured admission to the management program. 

Hitting the Bull’s Eye – Training for MBA Interview

MBA interviews form a crucial part of the entire admissions process and most MBA aspirants eagerly seek mentoring in this aspect. Experts’ Global, cognizant of this need, have designed an integrated and effective training program, MBA Interview Preparation, consisting of three distinct stages. The first stage helps the students formulate a preliminary idea of the interview process. For the same, the student is provided with a set of 15 conceptual videos on the intricacies of MBA interview preparation. The second stage requires the student to respond to a questionnaire consisting of the most commonly asked questions at MBA interviews. The third stage calls for the student’s participation in a mock interview session with an experienced interview mentor. After due completion of the three stages of preparation, the student receives detailed feedback on all aspects of the interviewing, including body language, etiquette, and content. The student is expected to incorporate the feedbacks and prepare for the next mock interview. 

Cutting-Edge Technology to Deploy Education – Android and iOS Applications

Experts’ Global leverages upon the available cutting-edge technological services to ensure that their products are relevant and effective to the purpose of helping students with their career growth. Thus, the mobile applications for GMAT prep and MBA admissions consulting, developed by the Experts’ Global team, are unparalleled, globally. The flexibility of being operative on every device and the exhaustive listing of content not only makes these mobile applications easily accessible but also efficient in helping students with their preparation.  Additionally, the smart features of the applications equip the users with an enriching learning experience. 

Learning by Audio-Visual Cue – YouTube Channel with 3000+ Free Educational Videos

Going by the statistics, Experts’ Global YouTube channel for GMAT preps and MBA admissions consulting is the most thorough content, worldwide. The firm already has uploaded over 3000 videos and is still working on creating further relevant videos. Regular updating of information helps students keep themselves updated with quality academic content. Short and crisp, the videos do not unnecessarily extend beyond 1-10 minutes of playing time, and keeps to one particular concept at a time. 

Dedicated to Helping Students – Providing Additional Resources

Experts’ Global is credited to be the thought leader in the domain of GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting. The team employs serious research to create quality study material that will aptly help students in their attempts to ace the GMAT test and pursue MBA. Special attention is paid to developing relevant materials that discover popular myths and aid students in taking the best career decisions. These resources include properly structured series of videos on GMAT preparation counsels, on MBA application processes, and on interview preparation requirements. Further, free GMAT practice test, through deploying efficient analytics, also help the students understand their learning needs and note their weaknesses in all aspects of the test. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

The firm dedicatedly believes in the idea of contributing to social causes. Since the first enrollment, the firm has been donating INR 200 to a fund that meets this philanthropic intent. Further, several children, belonging to economically-underprivileged groups of the society, have been adopted by the firm and their education and upbringing necessities are duly provided for. 

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