Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Review

Recently we went to the launch of the new range of Tickety Toc toys, which was a fun morning in Hamleys for the children. You can read all about that here. At the event, one of the toys the boys were most attracted to was the Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty.

We have now been sent one to review, so I have been able to see how well they play with it at home.

Boxed Musical Pufferty toy Tickety TocOnce Mr T (3) and Mr R (2) saw the toy they were so eager to get started playing with it. Luckily it was not too much trouble to get out of the box. There are some plastic fasteners at the bottom which you simply turn to release the toy. I much prefer this than having to get the screwdriver out which I have had to do with other toys on occasion.

They seemed to remember the toy and straight away started playing with it together. As there are 3 figurines and 2 carriages the pair of them were able to share and play together with the toy without too much squabbling, which is always good! The figures included are Tommy, Tallulah and Tooteroo the Owl. Tommy and Tallulah are pose-able so they can stand or sit, and fit nicely into the carriages.

The door on the carriages also opens and closes which is something the boys have enjoyed, opening the doors and walking the figurines into the train.

The 2 carriages and the main engine all uncouple from each other, so it can be split into three separate sections. It is quite easy to put it back together although the boys do have to ask me to help them. Luckily as the three pieces are quite big, they are not likely to get lost even if they separate them and take them to different rooms of the house.

tickety toc musical puffertyThe front part of the train with Pufferty’s head plays the Tickety Toc theme tune when you press the funnel. Anyone who has seen Tickety Toc will know that this is quite a catchy tune, my children all love it. Mr R has been really enjoying pressing to make the music come on, so that he can dance to it. He noticed that when the song is playing, if you press it again the music will stop again straight away so he has been using it for his own version of Tickety Toc musical statues where he presses it and starts to dance, then stop and we have to freeze, which he finds hilarious.

dancing to tickety toc musical pufferty
Mr R’s cheeky face, happy dancing to the Tickety Toc tune

While I have been tidying up and sorting things round the house, I keep hearing the Tickety Toc tune coming from nearby as Mr R keeps bringing it everywhere with him.

The quality and build of the toy is good. Most parents would have come across some character based playsets that can be a bit flimsy, but this seems to be pretty durable so far. For example the doors of the carriages are all well attached and not at risk of falling off if they are opened and closed a lot.

Out of the three children I would say Mr R (2) has been playing with this the most as he has really loved the musical aspect, and Mr T (3) has also enjoyed playing with it, more in the train aspect of moving it along the floor and putting the figures in and out. Mr Z (5) felt he was a bit too old for it although he has played with it a bit, but I would recommend it most for ages 2-4 and I am sure any little ones who are familiar with Tickety Toc would enjoy it.

If you’re not familiar with Tickety Toc, and would like to watch – You can catch it on Nick Jr or Milkshake!

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