Schwartz Grill Mates and Perfect Shakes

You may remember, I took part in a Britmums challenge with Schwartz a while back, trying out their 2 in 1 mixes. Now Schwartz have sent some of their new ranges for me to try out – The Grill Mates, and the Perfect Shake.

schwartz grill mate and perfect shake The range can be seen above. The Schwartz Grill Mates includes:

  • Mojito Lime
  • Deep South Brown Sugar
  • Cajun
  • Smoky Texan

These packets can each be used to make enough marinade for one meal. I really liked the sound of these flavours, as they are not bland but give a lot of flavour to the meal.

I decided to first try out the Mojito Lime. It is called Mojito as the recipe asks you to include rum, but obviously as a Muslim I didn’t include that so I felt no need to be put off by the name. I just substituted the rum for a bit of water to make the consistancy, and you also add a little bit of oil and vinegar. The packet then forms a marinade which you can apply to your meat, chicken or fish. Schwartz have recommended it trying it on tuna, and then grilling for a delicious summer bbq meal.

schwartz mojito lime grill matesI coated some chicken into the marinade and cooked. The lime flavour was quite zingy and really nice. I enjoyed it a lot, but my husband felt the lime taste was a little strong for him so may depend on your personal taste.

Schwartz have also launched a range of Perfect Shake Herb & Spice blends which are multi-use and can be used for sauces, marinades or even as a salad topping! I tried the Spicy Italian mix on my salad, and I found it a really quick and easy way to add some extra taste and make it more interesting.

Both of the ranges are really handy and useful to have in the cupboard to help you out when short of time, or lacking inspiration.

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