Things You Can Do To Help Your Child Stay Safe At School

There are many different things that you can do to make sure that your child is as safe as possible while they are attending school. Covid 19 has changed childhood social experiences, but the education is suffering as a result of not being allowed into schools due to positive cases. As the government begins to change bubble rules and schools and teachers learn how to deal with the new normal, we ask what can parents do to make sure their children are safe at school? 

Teach Your Child About Covid

One of the best things you can do for your child is to educate them. This could mean teaching them about some of the covid risks they may face and how these can impact other people. If you want to find good information then you should check the government website for COVID Advice. 

You may want to help your child recognise signs that one of their friends is showing symptoms, as well as teaching them what they can do to reduce the likelihood that they will catch Covid in the first place. Some of the basics can really help everyone be safer.

Cover Your Mouth

Most adults know to cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze, but these are behaviours we have learned. Lead by example and show your child how to use the inside of their arm to stop them spreading germs when they sneeze or cough. You can even teach your child about how air moves in a room – brownian motion – which can help them understand how airborne bugs and viruses can spread.

Always Wash Your Hands

Hand-washing is a great way to reduce risks of infection, not just from Covid, but all sorts of things we don’t want our children to catch. Get your child into the routine of washing their hands regularly, especially when coming in from outside, after using the toilet or just before eating. We can’t stop them putting their fingers in their mouth all the time, but the cleaner the hands, the safer the child.

Trust Your School Is Doing It’s Best

Schools want to stay open and teachers want to teach, but everybody needs to feel safe. There will always be risks in any setting, but schools have been given guidance on how to reduce the risks that COVID 19 poses by doing things like staggering school arrival and departure times, or making sure pupils stick to their own year group during play time. These practical measures are great for managing the behavioural aspects of transmission, but one of the main areas that schools need to be certain they are doing their bit is with regular school cleaning.

School Cleaning Companies Are Here to Help!

While we may never be 100% safe, there are a number of things we can do to protect ourselves and other people. Teaching children to be sensible is a great way to help us emerge from COVID and start the new normal, but schools need to make sure the stage is set.

In addition to regular school cleaning, companies like Grease Gone are enhancing their services to provide greater protection from COVID 19. Not only do they perform regular janitorial and classroom cleaning, but fogging can be conducted to make sure surfaces that could harbour the virus and nasty bacteria are hygienically clean. They can also carry out ATP testing on surfaces to make sure that cleaning has been carried out to the best possible standards. 

There have been many reports about fresh air being a great way to reduce the spread of COVID, so schools need to make sure their  ventilation systems are regularly cleaned. This can help to keep fresh air flowing through classrooms to help reduce the risk of transmission.

Whatever you do, make sure that your child understands the world around them. There are lots of things parents can do to help improve the overall safety of both children and teachers. You are there to guide and protect them, so helping them make good decisions and form good habits is crucial. Beyond teaching your own child, you can talk to your child’s school about the COVID cleaning measures they have in place, but trust that the school is doing all it can to protect everyone.

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