How Many Of These House Windows Facts Do You Know

Windows are an important part of our house besides doors. They are responsible for all the fresh air and ventilation of your house. They are one thing you cannot forget when you are building or renovating your house. It is a source of natural lighting and it can also be decorated with the blinds and curtains to make your house look beautiful and improve the aesthetic. You may like to spend countless amounts of time looking out the window whether it’s good weather or waiting for the school bus. Every building needs a window so here a few interesting facts about them.

  1. The History of Windows

Before the time of the Romans, a window in a house was just a hole in the wall covered with a cloth. The glass wasn’t used for the windows at that time but Romans were the first to use glass windows and basically invented them. They perfected the art of putting glass into wooden frames and that concept is still practiced in the glass windows we use. The glass windows became popular in households in the 18th century.

  1. Double-Paned Windows

The double-pane windows are very efficient and popular for homeowners. They cut down noise and provide insulation from sound as well as heat. The frames are very rigid and lock the glass tightly to make them airtight. The heat and noise insulation is increased by the thickness of the glass accommodated by the double pane windows. Another popular type is bay windows. Anyone is looking for something more stylistic, they choose bay window style.

  1. Skylights

If you are someone who loves natural light inside the house then you might want to consider installing skylights. They are proven to provide 30% more light than vertical windows.

  1. Durability

A good quality window is very durable and can improve its lifespan up to a decade or two. They don’t cost too much in maintenance. A good sealant to the frame and paint will be enough to renew the condition of the window. They should be replaced every 20 year at least, which is more than enough for a window to serve its purpose.

  1. Many Types of Window Frames

There are a lot of things that can make up your window frame to hold up the glass. A lot of materials like wood, vinyl, clad, aluminum and many more are used in the making of windows and doors. It depends on the buyer’s choice but every type has different features and properties like wood is a good insulator than aluminum however wood can swell but aluminum is rigid and strong. There are also low-cost alternatives like vinyl and composites and then there are the expensive types like clad which is basically a mixture of wood and aluminum along with an eco-friendly option of UPVC windows. There are different features of every type which you should know before making your choice.

  1. Technology

Along the years, technological advancements have also affected the windows. You can now buy windows that have suspended particle device inside the glass which basically lets you tint your glass using a dimmer to control the amount of light you want to enter the house.

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  1. One more point. If the windows in your house are old and have cracks, then they can be the cause of heat loss. Air leaks from bad quality windows can account for 30 percent of your home’s energy bill.


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