The Top 5 Things Women & Men Hate About Shopping

Christmas is coming, and usually that means there’s plenty of shopping to be done. Although Christmas shopping can be lots of fun, with all the decorations in store and the festive music playing, there are a few things that can get quite annoying about shopping too. Andrew’s Air Conditioning put together a study to find out what are the things about shopping that annoy people the most.

The Top 5 Things Women & Men Hate About Shopping from the study’s results.

Top 5 Things Women Hate About Shopping
• Not finding an item in their size
• Their partner being miserable whilst they shop
• Hot and stuffy changing rooms
• Long queues to pay
• Pushy sales staff

Top 3 Things Men Hate About Shopping
• They get bored shopping with their partner
• Their partner takes too long to try things on
• Dislikes shopping in shops that are too hot

Do these ring true for you? Personally my most annoying aspect of shopping is when the place is so crowded – I can’t stand that, so when I know it’s going to be packed like in the sales, I would much rather take my chance with getting some bargains on the online shopping sites instead. I also dislike shopping when I have all my children with me, and I can sense them getting bored – so I tend to avoid long trips with them too, just to keep everyone happy. The best shopping trips are in a nice quiet time like during the school day / working week, and with a good friend or my sister, or my husband as long as he doesn’t moan about how long I take to browse!

To see the full results of the shopping study, check out the infographic below:


Infographic created by Andrews Air Conditioning

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