Baby Born Interactive Dragon Review

My youngest, R age 5, is crazy about dragons, so we were really keen to try the new Baby Born Interactive Dragon toy, from the new Wonderland range. The dragon is really cute, and interacts with you by making sounds and walking along, which makes it quite an impressive toy!


The Wonderland Interactive Dragon comes with a special wand, which you can use to activate the interactive features, and also a dragon egg which hatches from the dragon and opens to reveal a cute little baby dragon.


To hatch the dragon egg, you store it inside the underneath of the dragon, and when you want to hatch it, just press down the tail and the dragon egg will release. This was very easy for my 5 year old to manage.


Once the egg has dropped out, you just split it open to reveal the baby dragon. The little dragon baby is very cute and R loved the surprise of finding it in there!

Once hatched, you can easily store the baby dragon back in the egg, and keep it back inside the larger interactive dragon for safe keeping if you would like.


The larger Baby Born Interactive Dragon has lots of details and you can see lots of effort has gone into the design, from the shiny multicoloured wings and spikes, which give a magical effect, to the pretty sparkly eyes.

The dragon is overall a bit more traditionally “girly” in look, rather than being a fierce dragon, but R is a boy and still really likes this dragon – so I would say it can appeal to both genders, especially if you have a boy who is really interested in dragons. R has a whole family of dragons among his cuddly toys and was very happy to welcome this new addition!

As the Interactive Dragon has a lot of features, it does mean that the body of the dragon is not as soft as a normal cuddly toy because of the motors and electronics inside – although the outer fur is very soft and plush – so I would recommend it’s not a toy that children take to bed with them, it’s better kept as a day time toy to play with.


To activate the interactive elements of the dragon, you need to gently stroke the nose with the special wand that’s provided. This action turns the dragon on and it will start walking and making dragon noises. To turn it off, you can just stroke with the wand again.


It’s really easy to activate the dragon, and our 2 year old niece enjoyed playing with it as well. It would appeal to children from around 2.5-3 and upwards. It’s very well made, and the batteries have lasted well so far.


Watch this short video to see the Baby Born Interactive Dragon in action, walking along and making sounds.

The Baby Born Wonderland range also includes the BABY born Deluxe Wonderland Princess:

New for Autumn/Winter, BABY born Deluxe Wonderland Princess is dressed in the most beautiful dress – complete with a pair of gloves, tiara, ballerina shows and cute unicorn necklace.

For children aged 3+, SRP £19.99

And the BABY born Wonderland Baby Dragon Friend

Touch Baby Dragon with the magic wand and listen as she makes cute sounds and plays music.

For children aged 3+, SRP £15.99

The Baby Born Wonderland Interactive Dragon is available from all good toy shops, including Amazon, for around RRP 54.99

We were sent the dragon toy in order to review

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