Mega Bloks Build a Minion Review

The Minions are even more despicable with Mega Bloks’ new range of marvelous Minion construction sets. Whether building a castle from which those pesky Minions can wreak havoc, or a villainous super jet to help them escape, these new sets will have your own mini-minions wrapped up in their imaginations before, during and after the build.

My kids had spotted the TV adverts for the new Mega Bloks Minions range and were immediately interested in it. There are some great toys in this new range, and I’m sure they will be really popular this Christmas!


We were sent the Mega Bloks Kevin Build-A-Minion set to review. This jumbo-sized buildable Kevin assembles to stand over a foot tall, and is just like the part in the movie where Kevin becomes larger than life in order to save everyone.

This build-able Kevin Minion has sections that come apart and rearrange easily, including changing the facial expression which is the part my boys are most excited about with their Mega Bloks Minion. You can also change his height, give him a different pose, or open and close the pocket on his overalls.

The set also comes with a regular size buildable Minion Bob character, so Kevin can bring his friend with him on a mission to save all of Minion-kind!

The Build a Minion set is recommended for age 5+ and is compatible with the micro Mega Bloks ranges.

I would say that a typical 5 year old would probably need some grown up help to build the full Minion and follow the instructions, but would definitely be able to enjoy the set. My kids were all very eager to build the Minion, but most of the building has been done by our eldest who is 7 and we did find the instructions a little too tricky for the younger ones – it will depend on their skill with this type of building blocks.

Megabloks Minions Instruction book

There are a lot of pieces included (764) and it is a building project that we’ve been spreading over a few days. It’s a great toy for a child who will enjoy following the instructions carefully and the process of building, as it will take time before you’re able to play with the fully built Kevin. It could be a great project to keep kids busy during the Christmas holidays. Each piece of Kevin needs to be built, from his eyes down to his shoes and his arms and legs are attached to the main body with socket pieces which are pretty cool. My 7 year old is really enjoying putting Kevin together.

Megabloks Minions eye and shoe

Mega Bloks Build a Minion is available from all good toy shops for around RRP £49.99, including online at Amazon (Currently reduced, so now is a great time to buy!)


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