The benefits of saving for your child’s future

Saving towards your child’s future is a smart move for those who can. Whilst the future may seem years and years away in this present moment, when it comes to saving, the sooner you start the better. Putting aside money each month provides a nice honeypot for your child as they reach adulthood. It could contribute towards driving lessons, a house deposit or even help fund a life-changing trip round the world. The possibilities are endless.


Whilst the younger members of your family may have just learnt to walk, and they are busy taking their first joyful steps, the team at The Children’s ISA are here to guide you into taking your first step into the world of Junior ISAs…

A little about us,we’re the team behind The Children’s ISA. We’re a small dedicated team based in Manchester and our goal is to demystify savings and ISAs, making it as simple and easy for you to save. Through The Children’s ISA we have researched the best savings options out there, and are proud to work with excellent fund management firms allowing you to choose the right trust fund for the cherished little ones in your life. All of our Junior ISA options are opened and managed online, giving you 24 hours access, no matter where you are.

Here we’ve broken down the most important facts and frequent questions we receive regarding a Junior ISA…


First up, let’s start with the basics, Junior ISAs offer tax free savings for children, much like a traditional ISA or trust fund, they set up your child for their future by offering long-term tax-free savings. They were launched in the UK on the 1st of November 2011, to replace the Child Trust Fund. 

You don’t need previous savings to open a Junior ISA, you simply need a minimum investment of £10. You choose the amount you contribute and how often you do, it could be £100 monthly, or £50 per week, it’s fully up to you. The amount that you can invest increases every tax year, in line with the current financial guidelines. (You don’t have to worry we’ll keep you updated on the yearly changes).

Parents and legal guardians can open a Junior ISA account for their child, they are in control of the Junior ISA. Management can be passed on, with your consent, at the age of 18. Once your chosen Junior ISA account is open, we allow anyone with the details to make contributions directly into the ISA, you can do this online, or even with mobile banking, no hassle. You can even set up a direct debit, so you don’t need to worry each week or month to remember to transfer, this allows you to spend more time on the precious little moments, safe in the knowledge you’re setting them up towards their financial goals. 

That is just a brief intro into how simple and easy it is to start saving towards your children’s future. Explore more about us and the Junior ISA options we offer here Junior ISA options we offer here.

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