What to Include in Your Media Kit & £100 Giveaway

Blogging can be a really fun hobby – a way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. But if you’re lucky, and open to collaborating with brands, you can definitely turn your blog or website into a source of income too. This is such a convenient way of working for many mums like us, as we can organise our own schedule around the kids and work from home, choosing the opportunities and projects that suit our needs.

If you are new to blog monetisation, or thinking about moving in this direction – you may be wondering where to start. One of the most valuable things you can do to get yourself prepared for brand collaborations is to create your own media kit.

Using a media kit is a simple way to keep track of all of your blog’s traffic and social figures, and give a quick overview of what you can offer. Having this information all in one place and easily digestible makes things easier both for yourself and for the brands that you’re working with. It’s also a great way to sell yourself, and to explain what is it about your site that makes you different and unique.

What to Include in Your Media Kit?

So, you may be wondering – what exactly is a media kit and what should I include in it? You can make your media kit as simple or as fancy as you like, and I would recommend at a minimum including a little introduction about yourself and your website, your monthly site traffic, and your social media information. I will run you through our media kit as an example to show some of the other pieces of information that you could include.

You can purchase media kit templates from sites such as Design Bundles, to give you a really professional look and feel, and customise this according to the branding and colour scheme of your website, or however you prefer.

As you can see above, Design Bundles have some beautiful designs and options and it makes me want to update the look of our own media kit!

But, here I will walk you through information-wise what we have included in our media kit….

So firstly we have an introduction on our site, the site history and what we cover. Recently we had an exciting change here on In The Playroom and expanded our team, so I now work together with my best friend and I made sure to update all of our media kit photos and information to reflect the new direction that we are moving in. So remember, your media kit is not final – you can go in and edit that whenever you need to, as your website grows, or your situation changes.

Next, we have a screenshot of our website showing our header logo and example of our recent content, and beneath that we have included some of the awards, nominations and rankings that we achieved for our site over the years. If you are mentioned in any prestigious lists or publications, it is always worth giving this a mention.

After this… our site statistics

Ultimately, it’s always worth including your numbers. Some brands are more focused on the feel and vibe of your website, and the quality of your images, and your personality and voice whereas some will be more statistics focused. The information that I would recommend including would be your page views, unique monthly visitors and the following for each of your social media If you have other numbers which are impressive such as a really high engagement rate, then it would be great to include that too – always show off your strengths as much as possible. Another number you could include, which we actually haven’t, is your domain authority.

For our media kit, we use a website that automatically updates the figures each week so I don’t need to get involved with that but if you’re making a PDF media kit then remember to go in and keep those up to date, as you may be surprised how much your social media following or traffic could grow over time and you want your media kit to accurately reflect that.

You can also include examples of brands that you have previously collaborated with. If you have brand testimonials that can also be really effective to include.

You can list the type of collaborations that you offer, such as sponsored posts, reviews, social media promotions, video content creation, hosting giveaways and more. If you like, you can list your rates and prices up front on the media pack to minimise negotiations. You may also want to include your contact details, as you can see above and if you have multiple contributors on your blog like we do, then it’s nice to include separate information about each of you.

There are lots more ideas you can include on your media pack, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas to get started. Good luck creating your media kit, and smashing it!


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