The Benefits of Learning to Drive with an Automatic Transmission

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By Luciana Oliveira

Driving is a fundamental skill, and it’s crucial to get the right training before setting out on the road. With a significant increase in automatic cars’ popularity in Birmingham, more and more people are opting to learn to drive with an automatic transmission. As such, this post aims to share some of the benefits of choosing to learn with this type of transmission.

Ease of Use

One obvious reason why many individuals opt for learning with an automatic car is its ease of use. Unlike manual transmissions that require coordination between the clutch pedal and gear shifter, learners can focus solely on steering the vehicle using an automatic car. This makes it much easier for beginners who haven’t yet mastered control over their feet and body movements. In case you are searching for automatic driving lessons in Birmingham, there are many schools that offer this service. 

More Focus on Driving Itself

Learning how to drive requires ample concentration, attention span, reaction time, patience, and practice. By reducing the number of skills required in driving an automobile – which is achieved by using an automatic transmission – you free up enough cognitive resources required when road driving situations demand extra attention or sudden adaptation rapidly. Just Pass is a reputed automatic driving school in Birmingham. In case you need information, just visit

Reduced Risk of Stalling

As noted earlier, a key challenge experienced by beginner drivers when starting off in manual vehicles involves stalling due to not having mastered controlling both pedals simultaneously. Onlookers can be very intimidating during slow-moving situations like traffic lights stalls that tend to attract attention from other drivers around you. Additionally, the jarring novices even further lead to potentially making more mistakes as they try again to regain their confidence after significant downtime caused by nerve-wracking experiences such as stealing at critical moments in front of other drivers.

Psychological Benefits

Learning how to drive is a daunting process for many, and having an automatic car makes the transition smoother. In turn, it can make students feel more confident about their abilities on the road. When one isn’t constrained by mastering new skills simultaneously, such as engaging clutch pedals with your right foot while shifting gears using your left hand while watching out for street signs or pedestrians, etc. Further, learners are more likely to focus on developing essential driving habits that will stay with them permanently.

Easy On Long Journeys

Driving manual transmission vehicles usually require frequent gear shifts in traffic scenarios, uphill climbs and inclines, long-distance travel countless stop-and-start situations that demand prompt actions in mind. With the ever-challenging traffic jams we experience today due to increased populations and poor planning in urban cities, learning how to tackle these conditions becomes much easier with an automatic transmission in play. These types of cars make long trips less tiring than they would be if another mode of vehicle transmission type were used instead.

Fewer Distractions

There is no doubt that changing gears requires more attention than operating an automatic drivetrain where all one has to do is engage in D (drive) or R (reverse) modes only when necessary without worrying about others’ movements around you resulting from unnecessary gear changes.

Quicker Reaction times

Every driver is faced with unexpected situations on the road, requiring quick reactions to prevent potential accidents. With automatic cars, movements needed in response get executed with a minimum delay since drivers encounter a very focused environment behind the wheel, leading them to take appropriate actions. On the other hand, with manual transmission, quicker reaction times are not possible for new drivers. 

In Conclusion

All these benefits mentioned above point out conclusively that learning how to drive using automatic transmission vehicles will provide learners with numerous advantages compared to driving manuals. So in case you are planning to learn driving, automatic driving schools in Birmingham can be the best place to be in.

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