Drumond Park Rattle Me Bones Giveaway

Rattle Me Bones is a ‘booty-ful’ new electronic action game from Drumond Park, challenging players to sneakily take the treasure from the scary skeleton Cap’n Boney. There’s a fun selection of treasure including a Dagger, a Sceptre, a Medal, a Gauntlet, a Necklace, a Purse and a Watch – along with a treasure chest of coins.

If players are not careful enough while taking their treasure, then watch out as Cap’n Boney will jump up with a start – ratting his bones – Taking his treasure is not as easy as it looks!

Drumond Park Rattle Me Bones

This game is a fun way to practice dexterity and precision, building up children’s fine motor skills as they play. It’s also good for turn taking, as are all of the Drumond Park games.

The skeleton and treasure theme of this game instantly grabbed my boys attention and they were keen to begin playing.

Before you start, you need to take a minute to set up the Skeleton and place all of his treasure as shown in the leaflet. I would say the 5+ age range is right for this, as my 4 year old found it quite tricky and kept knocking all of the treasure off too easily, but for my older children it worked better. This game works well with 2-4 players.

During play, each player must spin the spinner and then try to take the correct colour of treasure from Cap’n Boney – gold, yellow, red or blue. If there is no treasure left in the right colour, then they need to sneak a coin out from the treasure chest that’s under his feet.

With the skeleton theme, this game would be fun at Halloween parties since the season is soon approaching! It’s good all year round too, as pirates are always popular.

Drumond Park rattle me bones

Find out more about Rattle Me Bones on the Drumond Park website


For your chance to win a Drumond Park Rattle Me Bones games for your children to enjoy, enter via the Gleam widget below. Good luck!

Rattle Me Bones

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  1. I would try the necklace as it’s bound to be full of diamonds and saphires,or perhaps emeralds or rubies.Am I thinkng too much into this ?,I think I am !

  2. I would steal his golden coins and hope I didn’t rattle his bones!! A-harrrghh!

    Thankyou for the oportunity to win this fun game! 😀


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