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10appsforkidsWant to download some fun apps for kids and stuck for ideas? How about some of these! Add your own suggestions to the linky too!

1. Dipdap

This app is based on the award winning tv series Dipdap. It’s a drawing app but quite different and quirky. To play, the child completes the animation by drawing in the objects, then the character interacts with the drawings they have done.

Mr Z (5) enjoyed this app, as he also enjoys the show which comes on Cbeebies and he has also seen it at school.

It’s an interesting idea and definitely a fun one to play with.

You can see more here on the website.

2. Jetpack Journeys

This is a lovely app with great graphics, all about exploring space. It aims to get children enthusiastic about space, and help them learn a little along the way.

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We currently have a competition to win one of 10 codes to download this App for free, along with a magazine. For more details of the competition and to see a full review have a look here.

3. Thomas and Friends Apps

These would definitely be Mr T (age 3)’s favourite apps! There are quite a few available, and we have a few including Hero of the Railway, Misty Island, and the Thomas Game Pack. These include a variety of activities from colouring to e-books, matching games and puzzles. The graphics and quality is very good, and for a little Thomas fan, these apps are definitely worth downloading.

mistyislandscreen480x4804. iWriteWords

This is one of the first apps I downloaded when I got my iPhone and it is a great educational yet fun app. It is really easy to use and encourages children to form letters and numbers accurately and to start to spell simple words.

iwritewordsscreen568x5685. CBeebies Playtime

This is a great one, and a long awaited app from me and my boys as its not always easy to play flash games via a website on tablets, so it is much easier to play CBeebies games on this app than via the website. The app includes games featuring the Octonauts, Tree Fu Tom, Alphablocks and Something Special

6. Touch n Sing

This is a great free app, which is expandable with extra song packs. It is easy for even younger toddlers to use and was lot of fun for my 2 year old. For a full review, click here

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7. Eggs on Legs

eggsonlegsscreen480x480This is a great Maths game, enjoyed by Mr Z (5). You can choose between difficulty levels, and between addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. You then simply choose the right number to crack the egg!

8. Complete Toddler Preschool

This is another of the first games I downloaded when I got the iPhone a couple of years back. At the time it was really enjoyed by Mr Z and now my 2 year old Mr R likes it. You can buy some of the games separately but this complete version includes 30 categories. My favourites to focus on tend to be the simple ones like colours, shapes, letters and numbers but there is all sorts on there like bugs, food and transport. It is a really simple idea, prompting the child to “touch the blue square” or whatever else – and rewards them with a clapping cheering sound when they get the correct answer. Once they get enough correct, they will earn a sticker. There are also flash card modes but mine prefer the quizzing.

toddlerteasersscreen568x568You can read more on the Toddler Teasers website

9. I Love Fireworks

This is a classic app appealing to all ages! As it is so simple, even little ones can play. It is ideal now in the Autumn as we come up to Bonfire night! You simply touch the screen to make fireworks. You can make shapes and write letters with the fire works too, and it is affected by how much pressure you put on the screen so you can control the effects.

fireworksscreen568x56810. Animaru Playtime on Safari

animaruscreen480x480This app includes 5 animal puzzles, a memory game with 20 cards to flip, to match 10 animals and also a find me game with 12 animals. This is only available on iPad not iPhone! As I only realised when I went to download it to try it out, so Eileen’s children from ET Speaks from Home have kindly tested it out for me.


Extra Bonus: Make Time to Play

This app is not so much for the children, but it gives loads of play ideas for parents – so a handy one to have for those spare moments when you need a new idea! It contains over 365 ideas and is free.


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If you have more any suggestions or app reviews, please add them to the comments section or the linky below!

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