Teaching children responsibility via pet ownership

Over 40% of households in the UK own pets that include fishes, rabbits, birds, cats, and dogs. Family members, including children, take part in rearing these animals. These families get pets, yet they know it comes with extra expense and daily responsibility. Besides fun and cuteness, these animals can bring many benefits. According to the experts who are responsible to allow students to pay for papers and get a great result, this article can help students in understanding benefits and including its in essay to make it excellent.

Benefits of pet ownership

Children not only enjoy but also love to take part in rearing household pets. Some parents bring in these pets because children request them. There are many advantages of owning and caring for pets. It also teaches children the art of responsibility and cares above everything else.


Taking care of pets is a faster way to teach children to be responsible. Even when they are young, children get to known each family member’s priorities if every family member should take care of the pet. Each child desires to own a pet, but attitudes change when it comes to cleaning and feeding.

Health and hygiene habits

It is a tall order to teach children to bath on their own. However, when you own pets like dogs, they will be able to learn the importance of keeping pets clean and free from germs, which applies to human beings. When they help in bathing the pets, they sure learn the art of bathing.


When children encounter dogs, they might think it is easy and fast to train them. With time they will get to know that it takes effort and time for a dog to learn one trick. The training requires repetition and gets done regularly. Similar to human beings, they start from zero.

Caring for others

Caring for animals requires commitment, money, and money. It helps someone to wake up early in the morning to bring out to pee and to feed. Sometimes, children also choose between playing or walking with pets and to watch a favorite TV show. It is difficult for children to do something they love for animals requiring their attention.


Pets offer unconditional love and friendship, and when kids feel the affection from animals, they get to know that it is right to offer their trust. The relationship between pets and children takes time to develop, and it entails understanding and respect for each other’s needs. In the end, children will get to know that animal pets have needed to get satisfied. Pets will also know that they can depend on the young ones.

Helping children take care of pets

Kids are not in a position to take care of pets on their own. They require someone else to guide them and set a good example. Parents and guardians have to show children how to take care of animal pets. For children to learn the correct things, patience, understanding, and support are essential. Animal pets will, in turn, reciprocate similar love and care towards children. To nurture a mutual relationship between pets and children, consider doing the following.

  • Help your child to know that owning a pet is permanent and that animal pets are not toys. Besides, that cuteness of cats and dogs wears as their needs grow.
  • Assign your children a single responsibility at a time, such as feeding the pets every morning. After that, please give them the responsibility of walking the pets. With time and experience, give them more and more responsibilities.
  • For big children, allow them to pick the house pet. Suggest to them to read books or watch YouTube videos before taking up the role.




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