11 Gift Ideas for a Teenager

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11 Gift Ideas for a Teenager

He maybe a nephew, she may be your son’s newest girlfriend, the truth of the matter is you have no idea what teenagers like these days. They are the species which are most difficult to understand but if there’s a birthday or it’s Christmas you can’t ignore them. Don’t worry; we’ve come up with some ideas which will satisfy the most curmudgeonly teen.

11 gift ideas for teens

DVD Series

There are plenty of top quality series which make perfect DVD presents. Just do a little detective work to find which is your recipient’s favourite show or if you’re feeling daring take a punt on their next favourite.

Art Supplies

Getting the paint brushes or pencil out is a pastime many teens still enjoy. Just find out their art medium of choice and get them the kit. Websites like Artifolk stock a wide range of materials – you could even get them a beginners kit to set them up with a new hobby.

Funky fashions

ASOS has the advantage of having a simple returns possible so if you happen to buy the wrong top or just get the size wrong your recipient can amend the selection.

iTunes voucher

A fail-safe option if your teenager is a music fan. A nice balance of personal meaning and room to do what they choose with the gift.


Get them ready for the next term with a new pencil case or stationary set. You could explore a theme with the set and the design of your teenager’s favourite group.


Shops like Menkind are good places to get ideas if you are drawing a blank. Gifts like dancing water speakers and a remote control pillow will always be welcome.

Sports Stuff

sport teenagers

Find out what their favourite outdoor activity is and there is usually an accessory, item of clothing or equipment you can buy which will make their season.

Smart Gloves

Ensure they don’t miss out on precious outdoor smart phone time when they’re too cold by getting them these specially designed gloves.


If you feel you are buying for the young person who already has everything, why not try an experiential gift? Cinema tickets or something off the wall like wakeboarding would go down a treat.

Novelty Sweets

Going down the route of buying sweets or a novelty gift can seem like a bit of a kop out but if you combine the two themes you can get some really cool presents. Such products as Tabasco Jelly Beans, gummy moustaches or scorpion suckers will excite the most savoury (or unsavoury) teen.

Tech Accessories

Most teenagers will have at least a passing interests in products such as smart phones, tablets or e-readers. There are plenty of cases, holders and spare chargers out there which will always come in handy.

gift ideas for teenagers

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