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Teach My Preschooler is one of the award winning learning kits from TeachMy.com. These kits help parents with fun and educational resources to help spend 20 minutes per day learning together and consolidating your child’s knowledge.

The Teach My kits have been available in US and Canada since 2008, and now they are launching here in the UK. I Β was keen to try out the Teach My Preschooler kit with my youngest boy, R age 4, to see how we got on.

Teach my preschooler learning kit including educational activities to spend 20 minutes per day

The Teach My Preschooler kit is aimed at ages 3-6 and comes with a large folder, containing 4 clear wallets with different activities focusing on:

  • Reading
  • Printing
  • Numbers 1-100
  • Math (Addition and subtraction)

The way everything is organised into it’s own folder makes it practical and easy to grab an activity when you have a few spare minutes and everything stays tidy afterwards.

IMG_1015R and I have been enjoying spending time together with these activities. I like how each one is quite open ended and you can tailor it well to your child’s level. With the 1-100 pack that R is holding above, you could focus on ordering, matching the foam digits to the digits on the train cards or learning to match up the numbers with the written words.

IMG_1065The activities are kept hands on to help keep your child engaged. Here R is practising basic maths using the foam counters that come along with the flip book in the maths packet.

IMG_1061Here he’s tracing numbers with some of the transparencies that come in the printing pack. You also get all of the lower and upper case numbers. I had never thought of combining transparencies with a magnetic drawing pad like this but it works very well and gave R more confidence in forming his numbers and letters.

The final activity in the pack contains reading books and flashcards. The books start by covering all of the letters and sounds, and then move on to some basic words and sentences. It is not the same phonics scheme used in a lot of schools in the UK, but I haven’t found this to be confusing for R so far, and he seems to be getting on well with the books. One of the sets ofΒ flashcards included does cover the “high frequency words” which most children are expected to learn during reception year, so that will tie in very well (and will be good revision for R’s brother in year 1 too!)

Overall, there’s plenty in these kits and they offer a great way to support your child’s learning at home.

All of the Teach My kits are now available via Amazon UK for RRP 24.99 each. Click each of the links below to see more or buy:

Teach My Baby Learning Kit

Teach My Toddler Learning Kit

Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit


For your chance to win a learning kit from Teach My – either the preschooler kit like R tried, or the baby or toddler version – enter via the Gleam competition widget below

Teach My Learning Sesries


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152 thoughts on “Teach My Preschooler Review and Giveaway”

  1. I think this looks good, my boys are now in playschool for 5 mornings and think this would be fab for them moving on ready for main school. Not seen these before, and very impressed x

    • The set looks fantastic, great for giving children the opportunity to hone their academic and indeed life skills at home, aswel as at school. As parents we are our children’s most important influencers and teachers, this set gives us the tools we need to have a positive input in respect to their academic journey.
      It is a very special gift to be able teach your child, encourage them and help water those seeds of knowledge in order for them to flourish.

  2. I think these kits are a great way of getting little ones away from spending too much time looking at screens and back to the more traditional ways of learning but in a fun way. I’m home-schooling my son for the next year and a Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit would be ideal.

  3. These sets look a great help for any parent and great fun for little ones! I would choose the Teach My Preschooler Learning Kit. Thank you x

  4. These all look amazing! I find it hard to choose but I’d go for the toddler pack, then the preschooler when my wee boy is ready! πŸ™‚

  5. I would choose the Preschooler set. My little daughter Milly turned 3 last week and she loves learning things. I spend couple of hrs daily teaching her things. I would love to win this for her, looks so much fun too. xx

  6. I would go for the preschooler set. My niece is in nursery and is getting frustrated because she can already do the things that the others are being taught so having something like this at home would be great.

  7. oooh what fun πŸ™‚ I would choose the baby set please, coz my little man isn’t ready for the others yet! What a lovely giveaway- and a FAB idea! πŸ˜‰ xxx

  8. Educational and fun – a great combo! This would be for my brother-friend and his wife. They have a 3 year old, an 18 month old and one on the way. They’re keen to home-school their children, so this would be very helpful. It would be their choice as to which kit they’d prefer.

  9. My daughter just turned 3, so I’d get the preschooler set. I’d also consider getting the baby set for the nursery room I work in.

  10. I would love to try the baby one. My eldest has just started school and I’m loving spending good quality time with my daughter whilst the big one is at school, we would love to try this together

  11. These sets look fantastic. I wish they had something similar when my sons were little. I would go for the pre schooler set for my daughter who is three.

  12. I’d love to win the toddler set! Me and my little one are often stuck at home and unable to get to toddler groups, so I am always looking for ways to keep him amused!

  13. i would love the toddler kit,my son will be nearly 5 when he starts reception so this would be great to get him into a learning routine beforehand

  14. I would choose the preschool pack as my son has problems with reading and writing so this would be a great and fun way to teach him.

  15. I’ve not seen these before but they look great. I have a pre-schooler and I’ve been trying to think of fun ways to aid his phonics and maths learning without putting too much pressure on him. I don’t want him to think learning is “boring” before he’s even started school!

  16. I think play is the most important thing for a pre-school child, however if during play you can introduce simple learning which is fun, that’s got to be a win win!

  17. I think these are a fantastic idea and a great way to help them on their way to leaning. If I win, I’d like the Toddler set please.


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