Taking the girls to ballet dancing with Bloch

Since moving to Wales I have been looking for activities for my daughter to do. She was very keen when doing gyminastics in London and has always been very active. She has been telling me for a few months she wanted to do dancing instead of gymnastics so I thought that she would maybe want to give ballet a try. I have since found a few places that I will take her. Needless to say I absolutely love ballet clothing and in this post I will share a little bit about Bloch and their gorgeous products

Anna also mentioned that her daughter has shown interest in dancing so she booked her in for a trial. Both girls are so happy to be back doing her activities. Is so reassuring to see life resembling normality and them finally being able to do things they always enjoyed. 

We were so excited for the girls to try on the ballerina outfits and they were so happy they didn’t want to take them off. I love darker colours when it comes to Izzy’s outfits so the girls hanami tutu leotard in black is by far my absolute favourite. 

We got matching black leotards for both of them and they were prancing around and asking about the dancing lessons. They looked very comfortable in them aswell. The ballet shoes are gorgeous. We got the rose glitterdust ballet shoes for Izzy and she wears it all the time around the house.

The hard part is to try to explain that the tutu and shoes are for lessons and should be kept away. She just wants to wear it all day.

We also got these lovely personalized water bottles for both girls. This is such a nice little touch especially during water breaks so yours do not get mistaken for someone else’s. It also keeps the water nice and cool and seals well, preventing spillage. It is great for little hands.

And because their hair need to be up during dancing sessions, Bloch provided these lovely scrunchies for both girls.

We are so happy with the products and looking forward to see both of them showing them around. The quality of all their products are fantastic and their website is so easy to navigate. They have variety of colourd and all the products we got, from leotards to shoes were true to size and fit perfectly. If your kids need new ballet outfits we would love to recommend you to check Bloch.


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