Living a Nomadic Family Lifestyle | What’s It Really Like?

The nomadic lifestyle is still something that goes on. You may presume that it’s an idea that may be well in the past, but it is very much alive. But what’s the lifestyle all about? How is it like? Can you live the life when you have kids?

Those are a few questions that will ring in your brain when someone mentions a nomadic lifestyle. You can read on below to find out what the lifestyle is all about and what’s it’s really like.

Are there advantages or disadvantages to this type of lifestyle?


The first thing you will get when you embrace the lifestyle is freedom. You won’t be tied down to the various cultural and civil structures that tie down many people today. There’s a whole world of possibilities out there that you can explore as a nomad.

For example, when you ate tied down with a mortgage, there isn’t much you can explore in most cases. But as a nomad, there’s freedom, and the world is truly your oyster. You don’t even have to be tied down by kids; that’s another beauty of being a nomad.

It’s Cheap

Another positive point is that being a nomad is cheap – quite cheaper than the tied-down life. You will find that, as a nomad, even as nomad parents, you will spend less. If you live in the high-end cities when tied down, the lifestyle will be much cheaper.

You can opt to live big or small when you are on the move. For example, you can get a motel, hostel, or even affordable Airbnb. The other options you can explore include sleeping in a van/car and staying with friends or family.

Other expenses you can also cut out include having a reusable water bottle. You will not need to buy any bottled water after. You also don’t need to spend on gadgets and reducing the amount you spend on clothes and shoes. If you are minimalist, you will enjoy the experience even more.

Build Character

If you want to build character, especially with your kids, you can be travelling with kids. It [being a nomad] can also build your character as a person. You will find that there are places you never thought were possible to live in, and you can now thrive.

When you’re out in the world, you are out of your comfort zone. You will have to learn how to adapt, how to relate with others, and so on. Being a problem solver will also come naturally as you’d have been in several situations and gotten a way out in the end.


This will be a learning curve for you as you will integrate into different cultures every time. It would help if you also used this time to look at World Nomads travel insurance reviews and learn what you get from the cover.

Several positives come from being a nomad. The above ones are just a few that make it easy for you to understand what the lifestyle is all about.

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