6 Ways to Create More Room in Your Children’s Bedroom

If you contemplate getting views from different parents on the most significant challenge about their kid’s bedroom, they will state keeping the room organized and creating extra space.

It is normal for kids to create a mess; very few are born natural organizers. With unending supplies of children’s toys, clothing, school supplies, etc., you must maximize the little space available to fit the children’s belongings. 

Here are five ways you can create extra space in your kid’s bedroom. 

1. Use the Space Under the Bed

It is common knowledge that you can store stuff under the bed. However, you must make sure that you don’t throw things haphazardly as this will make it difficult to find items when you need them. 

You can have 1 or 2 huge clear plastic boxes, bags, cubbies, baskets placed under the bed. In the boxes, you can keep extra bedding, seasonal outfits, sporting equipment, and your child’s artwork.

Alternatively, you can opt for beds with drawers to keep the bedroom better organized and create more space.

2. Capitalize on Multi-use Furniture

When purchasing furniture for your kids, favor items that can be used for more than one function. For example, you can invest in a bedside table that will double up as a desk with a pull-up chair featuring a small storage compartment.

 You can consider a half-wardrobe since kids’ clothing doesn’t need full-length hanging. A half-drawer can save a significant amount of space. 

Besides, you may invest in a well-designed wall unit for books, decorations, and clothes. The wall unit can also serve as a dresser and desk for your kids.

3. A Shelving Unit

Investing in wall-mounted shelves can work miracles. The shelves need not be fancy, but choosing a bright color will make the bedroom more appealing and welcoming. 

Provide your children with open boxes to store items on the shelves; this is an excellent way of storing small items such as pens, beads, crayons, dolls, multi-pieced toys for your kids. 

With open containers, it will be easy to locate items. 

4. Invest in Small Double Beds

Because of shrinking homes, British houses rank as the smallest in Europe; this necessitates investing in space-saving furniture. Small double beds can come in handy to help you solve the problem of compact bedrooms.

 They are comfortable, stylish, and elegant. In modern days they’ve become a necessity for families with several children. These beds accommodate two kids leaving enough space for extra furniture. 

An excellent option would be to purchase wooden small double beds with hidden storage or drawers. These beds feature lots of storage spaces in the base.

5. Toy Box/Storage Baskets

Tidying up the bedroom will create more space. Consider having a larger toy box or trunk in the bedroom to ensure your child has enough space to store their favorite toys, dolls, and fun items.

A large basket will also work perfectly as a storage area for dirty laundry and other items in the room that your children rarely use. 

An excellent trunk should be metallic or wooden. Make sure to have safety latches to prevent injuries in the room. 

6. Make Good Use of Wall Space

Hooks and hangers present an excellent way of organizing or even decorating a children’s bedroom. You can use hooks for small toys, bags, jackets, etc. You can also use hanging hooks for photos or your kid’s artwork. The ideal location for your hooks is the bedroom wall or an unused closet wall close to the front door.

Let Them be Part of it

As you work on reorganizing your children’s bedroom, it’s essential to work with your young ones. This will make them feel part of the process. Besides, they’ll take responsibility and ensure the room remains tidy and well-organized.

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