Star Wars Reads Book Reviews and Giveaway

Every year, the Star Wars reads campaign comes around in April, using children’s interest in Star Wars to encourage them to explore books and develop their love of reading. Together with Egmont Books and a group of bloggers, we’ve been sharing our Star Wars book reviews this month, and will be giving away a fun Star Wars book bundle for one reader’s family to enjoy too!

We were sent copies of:

Make sure to check out some Star Wars jokes too, and some yoda quotes!

Fans of the Star Wars movies will enjoy the Star Wars Rogue One and Star Wars the Force Awakens books. They make great bedtime stories !

Star Wars Rogue One is a chapter book, which is good for more confident readers. It tells the story in depth, and without pictures.

Whereas the illustrated The Force Awakens book has lots of really detailed and lifelike colourful images throughout.

This is particularly good for my younger boys who really find that pictures enhance the story for them. These detailed pictures help them to really imagine themselves in the story!

The Star Wars Make and Do book is a much more interactive book, which really gets the kids involved.

When you open it up, you have an activity book on one side and an art pad on the other, so you have everything you need right there.

The activity book has craft ideas and in depth “how to draw” section which my boys were immediately drawn to.

To draw each character, it takes quite a lot of concentration and it has kept them busy. Here’s our little Darth Vader’s self portrait


For your chance to win a copy of:

  • Star Wars: Make and Do
  •  Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

Enter via the Gleam widget below.

Star Wars Reads

For another chance to win, check out Eileen’s post over at ET Speaks from Home.

The giveaways will end on May 4th – Star Wars Day.

Good luck!

86 thoughts on “Star Wars Reads Book Reviews and Giveaway”

  1. My boys would both go for the Star Wars: Make and Do book first as they loke to make things. They have already made Millenium Falcons from pizza boxes!

  2. My daughter would read Adventures in Wild Space – she loves Star Wars and loves reading so it’s a perfect match!

  3. I think my eldest would love to read the Star Wars The Force Awakens Illustrated Story Book first. We are now getting more words and less pictures. So with the illustrations she would love it!


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