#StartaStory with Puffin – and win a Book Bundle!

This summer, Puffin have launched their #StartaStory Summer reading campaign to encourage as many children as possible to get reading! They’ve put together a short list of suggestions for the best books for each age group, and have put together reading inspiration over on their website, where you can also sign up for the #StartaStory newsletter to get ideas direct to your inbox.

I’ve loved reading since I was very young, so it’s really important to me that my children get to know the magic of encouraging a good book too.

During the summer holidays, I’ve encouraged reading by getting new books for the kids, both fiction and non fiction. We were sent a brilliant bundle from Puffin including their suggested reads for each age group, which was great too as there’s something for everyone! More about Puffin’s suggested titles in a minute!

We’ve also been writing our own stories, which I find goes hand in hand with reading, and the more the children read the more they pick up exciting and interesting language for their own stories. One fun way the boys have been making stories this week is typing them up on the laptop, and illustrating them by taking pictures on the webcam, to add into the story. They’ve been bringing teddies to the camera to act out the different characters. This was their own idea so I pleased to see them come up with that!

Another simple way we get stories in to our day is by having a book on the go as a family. Although they each read their own books to themselves, I always like to have one book that their dad or I will read aloud to all of the kids together. We’ll either snuggle up on the sofa to read, or if we’ve had a busy day and are running late then I’ll read it in the kitchen while they drink milk and eat a snack before bed.

Having the boys read stories to their baby sister is another lovely way to share stories as a family, and to get Baby N excited about story time from a young age.

I have been thinking about reading nooks too, as we’ve been doing a bit of a garden make over this summer and I’d like to make a little reading nook in the empty space under the climbing frame. There’s nothing more relaxing than sneaking in somewhere quiet and comfy to have a read, so I think that would definitely give us some more opportunities to enjoy stories. There are more ideas for reading nooks over on the Puffin StartaStory page too.

Now… on to the book bundle I mentioned before!

Puffin have put together these suggestions for children aged 0-9+…

0-5 (and more suggestions for brilliant 0-5 books here)

Where’s Spot by Eric Hil

The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson

5-9 (and more suggestions here)

The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop by Clare Balding

George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

9+ (and yet more super suggestions here!)

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter (The Making of The Long Haul) by Jeff Kinney

Wave Me Goodbye by Jacqueline Wilson

All of the books can be bought via Amazon. You’ll find direct links to each one via the age suggestion pages on Puffin website linked above.


Puffin are offering one lucky reader this bundle of brilliant books for their family. Enter via the Gleam widget below for your chance.

Good luck, and happy reading!

Puffin Book Bundle


90 thoughts on “#StartaStory with Puffin – and win a Book Bundle!”

  1. We have a 30 mins reading time before bed, it helps calm everything down for the day and the kids actually look forward to it now.

  2. We are choosing books together at the library each week. We always choose a long book that we can read together as night

  3. Make it as natural as possible – ask your kids to read the information labels at the zoo, encourage them to read books on the places you visit!

  4. My daughters and I read every night before bed. We have so much fun going to the library over the summer and choosing books. My 6 year old has gotten really involved in the libraries bookathon

  5. Dear Anna, I really love your idea of participating your kids to book reading from such an early age. Growing up I really loved reading books from Roald Dahl. I would eagerly wait for the library at my school to open up every morning to get new books issued.
    I must say I am quite amazed by the idea of your little boys writing a book with their Teddy as characters! Creative children I must say!
    Keep up the great parenting. Happy reading! XX
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  6. My daughter hates reading and will gladly not pick up a book during the summer as she doesn’t have to so reading these tips will hopefully help me

  7. Many local libraries run a book reading challenge for children over the school holidays. It’s always worth popping along to see if they have one on near you. x

  8. We always have a quiet time at home as a family when the tv is switched off and we all get our books out and read. My son loves reading and also starts the day reading a book before he gets out of bed.

  9. i think its great if the children join their local library and most do a readathon over the holidays and other activities with reading x

  10. My daughter liked me to read a chapter or 2 a day of something like a Famous 5, and she would read shorter books to herself. She didn’t get really into reading until Harry Potter, so quite late really. Was almost a worry to me, I have always loved reading, from a very young age.

  11. I think you need to look around and try to find the book which would be the most interesting for your child… there are many from fairies to dinosaurs, but there is a book somewhere which would encourage reading!

  12. I’ve been buying my daughter magazines of things she likes e.g pony magazine, because it’s not a schoolbook she is a lot happier reading. One of them also cam with the book black beauty which she hasn’t put down

  13. Make sure it is a book you enjoy. Children and adults alike will soon loose interest if they do not enjoy what they are reading

  14. Always get in some reading time before bed. It helps you unwind and means you always get some reading in. Way better for you than more screen time

  15. It’s not really a tip, but I find I have to let her pick the book to read. Even when the book she picks has been read to her 500 times, and I have bought her new books, she will not entertain anybody else’s choice.

  16. Nice comfy relaxing area with no technological distractions lol usually best when energy has been spent and it’s time to let the imagination fly!

  17. Check your library 🙂 a lot of them run summer reading schemes and that’s a great incentive to encourage children to read!


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