Stained Glass Wreath Festive Craft for Kids

These stained glass wreaths are a simple and fun craft that young kids can make and are perfect for the winter season. You can adapt the colours and style to make these all year round, since stained glass sun catchers are awesome whatever the season!

We made these with just a few common craft supplies that we had in our kitchen and the boys had a lot of fun with them.

paper plate stained glass wreath festive craft for kids

To make your stained glass wreath craft you will need:

  • Paper plate
  • Red paint (or colour of your choice)
  • Some embellishments for around the edges of the wreath (we used these glitter bow stickers from Baker Ross)
  • Sticky back plastic
  • Coloured cellophane / coloured tissue
  • Scissors

How to make your stained glass wreath

This is suitable for toddlers and upwards. Younger children are likely to need assistance with the parts that require cutting, but should otherwise be fine!

  1. Paint your paper plate red. You will be using the outer edge of the back of the plate, so you can just paint that section but if your little one wants to paint the whole thing anyway then why not! Leave this to dry. Sometimes it’s best to do the painting one day and come back in a day or two to complete the rest of the craft, to be sure it’s fully dry.
  2. Cut a hole out of the middle of the paper plate, to give a simple wreath shape. As mentioned, younger children are likely to need help with this as it can be a little tricky.

paper plate to make a wreath

3. Decorate the outside of the wreath however you like. We used the Baker Ross glitter bow stickers as I mentioned, you just peel the back and they are self adhesive so very manageable for young children. You can work on patterns with the colours if you want to sneak in a bit of maths!

paper plate wreath

4. Once the outside of the wreath is decorated, stick the whole thing onto the sticky side of some sticky back plastic / contact paper, so that the front of your wreath is facing outwards and the middle section of the wreath is now filled with the sticky surface. Cut away the excess sticky back plastic / contact paper from around the edges of your wreath

5. Now, the kids can just stick their coloured cellophane or tissue paper onto the sticky contact paper in the middle of the wreath. We used just a few festive colours (these are supposed to be red, green and gold – it does look a little more pink in the light, but that’s okay! ). The children don’t have to be neat when sticking these down, it will still make a cool effect either way. If you have pieces of cellophane or tissue coming over the edges of the wreath then just push them all back down inside. Try to cover all of the contact paper without leaving any gaps.

stained glass wreath festive craft for kidsHere’s how it will look from the back

sticky back plastic cellophane paper plate craft

7. You’re done! Hang it in the window or hold it up to the light to see the colours shine! Or, if you’re Mr R use it to look through to turn everyone rainbow coloured!

colourful stained glass wreath festive craft for kidsI hope you liked this simple festive craft. If you make one of these with the kids, stop by and leave me a picture on the In The Playroom facebook wall. I’d love to see 🙂

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