Stained Glass Style Owl Sun Catcher

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I love sun catchers. There is something lovely about the light streaming through and showing off all those beautiful colours. We have made this type of cellophane sun catcher before in butterfly and bird designs but this time we tried making owl suncatchers.

Stained glass style owl sun catcher craft for kids

Isn’t it so pretty? To make this craft, we used a kit from Baker Ross which meant that we had all the supplies easily on hand but if you aren’t able to track down these kits, you can replicate a similar idea. I love the kits though, since they are so convenient!

Here are the Baker Ross stained glass owl kits if you want to check them out. They are great value!

How to make your stained glass owl sun catcher

You will need:

  • Owl templates made from black card – you need 2 identical templates for each owl.
  • Pieces of cellophane in multiple colours
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbon to hang
supplies for owl suncatcher

Take one of your owl templates, and place the pieces of cellophane over each hole. We cut them up quite small so that different colours could shine through on many of the spots on our owls body. If it’s easier for younger children, you can use larger colour blocks, or even overlap the colours and allow a mish mash effect like we did with the butterflies.

making an owl sun catcher

To make this craft more easily, we didn’t stick each peice of cellophane down individually, but just carefully placed them and covered the second owl template with glue all over one side, pressed that down on top of the first owl and the cellophane, and it was all sealed in very easily.

making an owl sun catcher craft for kids

Here’s our finished owl. It’s not lined up perfectly, but once it’s hanging up with the sun shining through you don’t notice.

Stained glass style owl sun catcher craft for kids

We now have the owl sun catcher hanging in the kitchen window. It makes a fun Autumn decoration to brighten up the home!

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  1. This looks really cute. I always forget about getting cellophane for art projects. Now I am going to have to get some. This will go great for us with our owl unit. Pinning this for later.


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