Splendor Board Game Review

We’re really happy to be taking part in the Blogger Board Game club with Asmodee for a second year, and will be reviewing three new games over the next couple of months. The first game which we’ll be sharing with you today is Splendor, a card based game for older children which my boys have all really loved.

Splendor is a game of strategy, which centres around the buying of gem stones with the aim of gaining 15 prestige points to be the winner. The game is set in Renaissance time and each player takes on the role of a rich merchant.

This board game does not actually have a board, so could be more accurately called a card game as you play with cards and tokens. Here is the game play set up for three players to begin a new game, below..

The game is recommended for age 10+ so we first played just with our older two boys aged 9 and 10, but in the next games our younger boy aged 7 was keen to try it and he also managed to pick up the rules of the game quite easily, so younger players will be able to manage if you’re playing together as a family. However, it does offer a good amount of strategy and challenge to keep the older children interested. My boys played this several times in a row, and it’s a game they’ve been interested in coming back to.

Each game lasts around half an hour, and finishes once the first player has gained 15 prestige points. Points are earned in the game by buying cards (which can represent items like ships or other transportation methods) using your tokens which are gems.  Some cards also have gem stones on them, which enable you to buy other better cards more cheaply. If you have certain combinations of gem stone cards, you could receive a visit from a noble who will give you even more additional prestige points. The strategy comes in when making decisions on which gem stones to buy and which cards to reserve in advance.

The game requires you to plan in advance a few steps ahead, in order to have a better chance of success, so we found this was great for the kids. The more times they played it, they started thinking of ways to develop their strategy and it really got them thinking.

Splendor is a great game to play together as a family and has been a definite hit with our kids.

Splendor, from Asmodee, is available in stores or online from shops including Amazon

We were sent the game in order to review

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