National Geographic STEM Sets: Dinosaur and Bug Dig Kits Review

It’s great when you find toys or activities which are educational but also lots of fun. These National Geographic Dig Kits from their STEM range definitely fit into both of these categories!

Completing the dig kits is a really hands on way to get into the topics of bugs or dinosaurs, and gives the kids a real sense of accomplishment at finding the specimens and cleaning them up nicely. National Geographic have a great range of these kits, and we were sent the real bug, and the dino fossil versions to try out.

Each kit comes with everything you need, including learning guides to help you find out more about the specimens you’ve excavated, and get deeper into the topic.

Dinosaur Dig Kit

T age 9 chose to do the dino fossil kit, which comes in a fun T-Rex design. This kit does not come with it’s own tray so we just used a plastic tray we already had at home, and you get the digging tool, little brush and magnifying glass to help you find your hidden treasures.

It took around half an hour for T to retrieve all of the dino fossil samples from this kit, and clean them up with the brush. The specimens inside are all genuine, which we found really impressive. You get to discover a small piece of dinosaur bone, mosasaur tooth, and fossilised dino poop which is technically known as a coprolite.

The Dino Fossil Dig Kit is available from Argos here

Bug Dig Kit

The Real Bug Dig Kit comes with it’s own cardboard tray, so it’s all self contained. This is a new addition to the National Geographic kits, and allows you to discover real bug specimens. R age 7 decided to do this kit.

This kit comes with the same tools as the dino fossil kit, and takes a similar amount of time to complete. One difference here is that the bug samples are preserved within glass beads – this is due to them being very small and fragile, as it the nature of bugs! They would not be able to withstand the digging and excavating without this extra protection, and this glass casing makes it easy for the kids to explore them with the magnifying glass and get a good view.

The Bug kit will be available online very soon!

Both kits are great focused activities for kids of around T and R’s ages, which can be done independently and with minimal mess. They’re a really good option for a bit of quiet time, or something worthwhile to keep children occupied on a rainy day. There are also other varieties available, including gemstone digging with real gem stones.

Suitable for ages 8+, National Geographic™ Kits (RRP: £9.99) and National Geographic™ Mini Kits (RRP: £4.99) are available at retailers including Argos.  Visit for further information.

We were sent the kits to review and will be partnering with Bandai as STEM ambassadors over the next few months

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