7 Easy and Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

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Your sweet home is where every wall is dipped in memories and every corner is filled with stories. Doesn’t matter, whether your house is big or small; what matters the most is do you make the most of what you already have? Making the most of what you have doesn’t mean shelling floods of pennies on your home decorations. These days, it comes quite easy and cheap. Here are some fantastic home décor ideas that are relatively easier to implement and don’t call for a lot of money too. Read on.

Prints Prints Everywhere

When it comes to interior décor, prints never go out of fashion. Experiment with a variety of prints to display in different areas of your house. Say, for instance, you can buy a checkerboard printed paper and make your lampshade cover out of it. Or, say, you can cover your living room wall in bold floral print wallpaper. Then, there is your kitchen backsplash, powder room walls, your dressing table, boxes, benches and side tables. There are endless options to explore.

Go rustic

Bring in some rustic appeal to your house with natural and organic elements. Whether it is a small fountain bubbling at the entrance of your living room or a bunch of potted plants in the dining, the nature’s entry in your house is both invigorating and soothing. Another great idea is to create a brick wall, retro style just like they have around fireplaces. Or, the easiest thing you can do to add a rustic appeal to your décor is to paint your fireplace a rustic color, decorate your side tables or center-tables with copper flower vases. And of course, the flowers don’t always have to be artificial. Top them off with decorations of shells, pebbles, jute baskets, seagrass, marbles or stones.

Let the Ceiling Showcase your Creativity

Ceiling is often an underestimated element in a home setting. Make the most of it. Innovate the regular ceiling with pops of colour, patterns and textures. If you are good at handling brushstrokes, you can also paint the ceiling with your favourite artwork. If you can go a little craftier, there are numerous options and materials to revamp your ceiling, such as glitters, neon stars, wooden scallops, and more. Mirrorwork is another wonderful idea.

Do a Cabinet Makeover

Refurbish your wardrobes, cabinets and closets by doing simple makeovers and updates. Say, you have a large closet for keeping your clothes and garments. What you can do is, paint contrasting colour panels on its metal trims, paint its ceiling in silver or gold, paint it all white or paint it all metallic. Glam it even more by changing the knobs to a more stylish look. Explore different varieties of ceramic knobs, glass knobs, crystal knobs, ornamented shells and metal knobs.

Focus on Doors

Bath up the doors of your house in an all-new look. Play with colours, crafts and textures. Chalkboard texture is great if you wish to give a rustic appeal. If you want to go bright, paint the doors in flashy colours other than the normal brown. Orange, mango, turquoise, blue or even hot pink looks amazing. To give an inviting feel to the doors, you can add trellis topped up with floral baskets. For vintage appeal, try adding ornamented copper door handles or antique door pulls made in brass or heavy metal.

How About a Furniture Repurpose?

Whether it’s your upholstery or material, furniture plays a crucial role in determining the look of an interior designers setting. Upgrade your furniture to another level by experimenting with materials, textures, and even its usage. For example, if the wooden ladder in your storage has not been used for long, why not use it as a bracketed shelf for towels and napkins. Another idea is, you can use the unused chairs to organize and keep that stack of books. Got rugged or chipped furniture? Not a problem. Bring in some natural fur and place it over your tabletops, tiny benches or even chairs. They are now ready, afresh and all-new to be used.

Light Up the Glassware

Lighting doesn’t have to be a static thing always. For all those evenings, when you wish to have subtle dimly lit living space, create dynamic style lighting in your house. Of course, candles are as good as ever. In addition to them, you can utilize the glassware to do the work. Take some stained glass bottles or jars, and let a string of light beads sit inside them. Go bright or go dim at any time, it’s now up to you!


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