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If you spotted our soda bottle rocket a couple of days ago, you might have seen that I’ve been doing a challenge amongst some of my crafty blogging friends to make different things out of empty soda bottles. We had lots of ideas so we couldn’t just stick to one! After painting the rocket, we wanted to try something a little quicker so the idea of covering the bottle with duct tape to make a Lego head was born.

Soda Bottle Lego Head Duct Tape Craft


The soda bottle Lego head craft is pretty quick and easy, but will require adult assistance or supervision for cutting the plastic bottle.

To make your Lego head you will need:

  • Clean empty plastic soda bottle (2 litres is best, 1.5 litres is also okay)
  • Yellow duct tape (Buy on Amazon UK / US)
  • Sharp knife / Scissors
  • Paint (Black, white and brown)
  • Lego minifigures to copy facial expressions from (optional but fun)

How to make a soda bottle Lego head

Start by covering the top half of the bottle in yellow duct tape. Make sure to cover the lid, this is going to be the top of the Lego head where there is the “stud”

Once you have covered enough of the bottle, it’s time to cut the bottom half of the bottle away. You need to use a pretty sharp knife to break into the bottle so make sure an adult does this part. To prevent sharp edges from the cut plastic on the underside of the Lego head, we cut the base of the soda bottle and then slotted it back on to the top to seal up the bottom and give a firm base for the Lego head to stand on.

IMG_3277You may need to add more duct tape to make sure the Lego head is fully covered, so do that now.

Once the head is totally yellow, you’re ready to paint on the Lego face. We took inspiration from some of our own minifigures but if you need more ideas check out this poster, via Pinterest

It would be fun to make a few different lego head bottles with different facial expressions and emotions. They could be used for recognising emotion games too.

Lego head made from a soda bottleLego faces are generally pretty simple, and you can find ones that are totally black if you want something even simpler than this.

Once it’s finished, it’s fun to play around with too. The kids all enjoyed this craft and thought the end result was pretty cool.

IMG_3285Whoaa.. the Lego head is upside down! Mr T had some fun being silly with the newly made Lego head

IMG_3291I’m sure we will make more of these in future with different expressions. It was so quick and easy!

Soda bottle lego head easy kids craft

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