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A couple of weeks ago we went along to a preview screening of Big Hero 6, hosted by Den of Geek. Z (age 6) and I both really enjoyed the movie, and since it’s coming out in cinemas in the UK in just a few days (30th Jan) I thought I would share our review with you all here.

We also had the chance to attend a Q&A with producer Roy Conli and director Chris Williams after the movie, which was an amazing opportunity and so interesting. It was a privilege to hear their insight and get some more understanding about the process of making movies at Disney.

I loved the end note that they left us with, when asked if they had any advice for anyone who may want to get into animation in future, they simply advised to read – read as much as possible and remember that ultimately whatever your movie or story is about, what pulls people in is the human condition. That definitely applies to Big Hero 6. Although it is a fun robot movie, deep down it is a story about connection. The relationship built between Hiro and Baymax is beautiful, and it’s that story that makes you leave the cinema feeling warm and fuzzy. It is told so well.

BIG HERO 6 Baymax and Hiro hugging

The movie is the story of Hiro and Baymix, set in the fictional city of Sanfransokyo which is a mashup of San Francisco and Tokyo, which is beautifully done with recognisable inspiration pulled from both places. Along with friends from the Science university, they go on an exciting adventure and end up by becoming super heroes. The movie is based on an obscure Marvel comic, also called Big Hero 6 and is a perfect cross over movie between Disney and Marvel.

disney big hero 6 san fransokyo

The character of Hiro goes through a great emotional journey throughout the film, and it really kept me gripped from beginning to end. The flying scenes are just brilliant, and the sound track “immortals” by Fall Out Boy (written specially for the movie) works so well with the training montage scene. Those were definitely some of my highlights.

Before watching, I was not sure whether this was going to be one of my favourite Disney movies, and was not totally sure what to expect with it but it exceeded my expectations and it is brilliant. Z said it is now his favourite Disney movie, and I’m sure we will all end up watching it many times more over the years.

The super hero aspect really appealed to Z, and there are plenty of jokes throughout to entertain viewers of all ages. It’s great how science was included as a basis for all the super hero upgrades too, to inspire kids about all the things that can be created and achieved through studying science. That’s got to be a good message for them to take away.

I will be sharing some fun printable activities and Big Hero 6 themed science experiments here over the next few days. So look out for those too!

See the trailer here (this is a longer different one than the teaser trailer I had been seeing in cinemas, and gives you a much better idea of the movie)

You totally need to see this movie! 🙂

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