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logosnapsterprintIt was Mr Z’s 5th birthday on the weekend, so it was good timing for us to try out the new party range from

In the party range they have banners, invites, posters and party accessories (tableware and decorations). We tried out the personalised mini banners, posters and invitations.

The process on the website is quite simple and self explanatory. I clicked on the product type (eg banners) and then clicked tots to see the younger children’s range and on this occasion I decided to go for a blue happy birthday design with cakes on it.

I was then shown what items are available in this range, and could decide to go ahead and personalise the item of my choice. It is simple to upload a picture and add the text you want (name and age) you can change the font and colour according to your preference, and you can move the picture around and zoom it in and out, to get it the way you are happy with. This was all really easy to do.

I stuck with the same theme for all of Mr Z’s party items but included different pictures on each one just for a bit of variety.

The mini banners are printed on premium silk coated 170gsm Paper and are quite small as you can see below. SnapsterPrint says they are Perfect for scattering around the room
either on the walls or simply placed on the tables and I did find them really easy to use to decorate the room because you can just scatter them around, and prop them up all around the place rather than having to find a suitable place for a very large banner, so it is a really quick and easy solution for decorating.


The posters we got were A4 size which are the smallest ones available, there are several sizes you can get all the way up to A0. With the smaller size you get more in the pack, so we had 20 posters. This is really generous and we did not manage to use all of them around the house but if he had a party in a large hall then it would have been a great amount to decorate all the walls. These are also made from premium silk coated 170gsm Paper so are a very good quality.


The colours are nice and bright and Mr Z liked the cupcakes and balloons theme which I had chosen for him.

The last item we had were the invites, also in the same theme. We actually did a family day out rather than a full party for his birthday but I made the invites so that he can hand it out to his family who were coming on his day out. The invitations are really nice being personalised and this would have been brilliant for a party. If we do a class party for his next birthday I will definitely come back and get some more. In fact I wish all the mums would come and get personalised invitations like these with the child’s face on as sometimes you get an invitation in the book bag and you don’t really know who the child is, especially when they are all still new to school so a picture of the child really would come in quite handy for practical reasons as well as giving it a stylish and personalised look!

personalised birthday bannersYou can see Mr Z’s invites there in the bottom right

As an extra little gift, SnapsterPrint also allowed me to choose a personalised mug. This is great because I had none at the moment (From a couple I had from elsewhere, one made its way to a relative’s house and one I broke – gutted) I love to have personalised mugs with pics of my kids, it just brightens up your day while you are having your coffee πŸ˜€

I decided to get one picture with all 3 of my boys which wraps around the mug really nicely. You can add text too but I decided not to as sometimes simplicity can work better and I didn’t think this picture needed it.

Here’s my mug

personalised photo mugsnapsterprintmug

The mug is a nice size and good quality, I’m very happy with it. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may recognise the picture πŸ˜€

There are loads of personalised gifts on SnapsterPrint so definitely worth a look, especially if you have a party coming up as the personalised party range could be ideal. There are loads of other designs too – not only kids birthdays but bonfire, halloween, hen and stag parties – basically any and every kind of party!

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