Baker Days Personalised Birthday Cake

Baker Days cakes are a great idea. Loads of designs which can be personalised with words or pictures, and just the right size to fit through your letterbox which is really handy!

I have tried their cakes in the past. We got one for our anniversary (although I somehow managed to forget how long we had been married and ordered it with the wrong years on! silly me!) I love the concept and taste of Baker Days cakes so was really happy to have the chance to review one in time for Mr Z’s birthday.

As my children love chocolate cakes I decided to go for the chocolate flavour. With every cake you can choose between sponge cake, fruit cake, chocolate or gluten and wheat free. I decided to go for this rocket design and personalise it with his name and age.

personalised rocket birthday cake 5 years old

The cakes come in a handy tin and are wrapped in a plastic bag to keep them fresh. This is really easy to remove and the cake arrived in perfect condition and looks great! The colours are very bright and appealing and Mr Z was very happy to have a cake with his name and age written on it.


He didn’t eat the whole cake by himself! But he wanted to pose with it, and it also gives you an idea of the size. The Letter Box cakes are quite small, but I found it ideal just to have a slice each for all the family. It says serves 3-4 portions but when some of the family are very young I would say it serves more. It was plenty for the 5 of us.

cake tin
These are the tins the cakes come in

The chocolate flavour was lovely, enjoyed very much by Mr Z and by all of us. I find the taste of Baker Days cakes really nice! You might wonder whether coming by post, will it be as tasty and fresh as other cakes – but they are! I find them really delicious. One of the things I like is that the icing on top is quite thin so you don’t get that sickly effect that some cakes have where its just too much. They are really well made in both looks and taste.

cake with chocolate filling
The Chocolate filling

I would recommend Baker Days cakes, they are such a good idea. They would make a nice gift too for any occasion, as cake through your letter box is sure to brighten up your day!

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  1. Aww, Mr Z looks so happy and proud with his cake masha’Allah!
    I never knew there was such a thing! How convenient! πŸ™‚


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