Smartwatches That Do Much More Than Just Tell The Time

Modern technology is growing at a fast pace. It is coming up with some of the best technical advancements, making lives a lot easier for people. So, next time you are going for the best example of technology improvement, try focusing on the smartwatch for a change. The market houses some of the top-notch smartwatches from reputed brands. Therefore, next time before you plan to get hold of the right watch, be sure to go through some options. You are likely to invest some hefty amount for the watches, so it is better to be careful. Let’s find out more about the best smartwatches to look for.

Huawei Watch GT 2:

Right after the first GT watch last year, Huawei came up with the next best huawei watch gt 2 pro, as one of the best smartwatches to look for. With its crazy feature-loaded packages, this watch has gained quite some popularity among the masses these days. 

  • This watch is known for its 1.39″ OLED screen and with a massive resolution of 454×454, 326 PPI.
  • It consists of 4 GB storage memory with 2.2 GB for user availability. 
  • The watch holds 46mm of battery, which is around 455mAh. Once charged, the battery will last for 14 days. It has a magnetic charging base.
  • This watch provides Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with BLE. 

Apple Watch Series 6:

Apple Watch might be a bit towards the expensive side, but once you check out its features, you will know why. It consists of watchOS as its operating system with so many apps within. So, no need to get your phone out of your pocket much. The latest Series 6 will feature blood oxygen monitoring, which will measure the oxygen saturation level in your blood.

  • It is coupled with the FDA-approved electrocardiogram and other health tracking devices.
  • With the Series 6 Apple watches, you will get a sleep tracking device. It will remind you to stand up and move during the day.
  • Then you have the Noise app, which will alert you whenever the ambient sound is loud enough to damage your hearing.
  • But, the battery life is a bit towards the mediocre side, and the watch will only work with iPhones, so not good news for Android owners.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3:

Just because you have smartwatches for iOS users, that does not mean the Android users will lack behind. If you are planning to own an Android smartwatch, then Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the one for you. 

  • Right from the FDA-approved electrocardiogram to the SpO2, this watch has it all.
  • It can track down the long walks and some of the other workouts. It even has some usual smartwatch tricks so that you can respond to or even delete notifications from your smartphone.
  • You get the chance to even answer your call from the watches. 
  • Each charge will make the battery lasts for 2 days, only if you turn off the always-on display.

Garmin VenuSq and Sq Music Edition:

If you are out for a perfect fitness watch for daily use, then Garmin VenuSq and Sq Music Edition will be the options to watch out for. These are relatively affordable watches and will cover up more than your average tracker. The Music Edition gets paired up if you have Amazon Music, Spotify, or Deezer subscriptions. But, in the end, you will get accurate fitness data.

  • It has some amazing features to it like blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, and even built-in GPS.
  • On a single charge, this smartwatch can last for around 5 to 7 days straight.
  • Moreover, you will receive the basic notification alerts on the smartwatch, too, like texts, emails, and calls if you own an Android phone.
  • This smartwatch will also be using thee Garmin Pay, designed for contactless payments.

Other options to deal with:

The above-mentioned watches are truly revolutionizing the world of smart technology. Apart from them, you have Skagen Hybrid HR Jorn, Casio PRT-B50, and some of the other smartwatches to give out a try. Focus on your OS platform and the range before finalizing the best smartwatch for daily usability. Focus on the features too, and then make the final decision. It helps in offering quality results.

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  1. All this revolution happened because of one guy Tim Cook! After the launch of the Apple watch other watch manufacturers can’t play the game, Apple watch dominated all other companies! and now Smartwatches are the high demanding tech devices in the market!


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