Huawei Watch GT 2 Review – Really Worth the Price

For quite some time now, you can see some amazing wearable gadgets from the house of Huawei. It has been pushing right into the world of smartwatch models. This company launched the GT watch last year, and ever since, the popularity rate has increased to the next level. This year, the company introduced the latest GT 2 version under the name of huawei watch gt 2. This watch might look small but will pack in some more features. And the best price is the rate, which is just within 14,990 rupees. It is even 1000 rupees less than the previous model.

This new version promises to provide 14 days of battery life once fully charged. Moreover, it has a speaker, which will help you to take calls on your watch too. Now the real question is if this watch is worth the money. Focusing on the features will help you with the answer.

The design to cover:

The GT 2 watch is now available in two different sizes, which are 42mm and 46mm. Even the design in these two sizes will be a bit different. The smaller version will look more or less like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, along with a plain casing. Then you have the bigger variant, which will have markings around the bezel for giving out that sportier look. 

The watch has two buttons on its right side. These buttons will protrude a bit, making it easier to press and provide good tactile feedback. The upper button will help you to go back to the UI, and the lower one is meant to address any feature of your smartwatch. In between these two buttons, the speaker grille is located, which is not that easy to spot.

Now for the straps, screens, and more:

This company has used wide 22mm straps for the watches. They are replaceable by the user if needed. Moreover, you can pick any standard 22mm strap in its place. The base has a black-coloredFluoroelastomer strap, which feels a lot comfortable when worn for long hours. 

  • It has an AMOLED display of 1.39 inches with a resolution of 454 x 454-pixel. It is pretty higher when compared to the Samsung Watch Active 2. 
  • There is no pixilation, and the watch has auto-brightness to help you adjust to the current changing light conditions.
  • Right at the back of the device, you will see the heart rate sensor. It comes with a charging mechanism.
  • The GT 2 will not support any form of wireless charging. In its place, you have to use the magnetic dock with the pogo pins.
  • The magnets located on the charger will help the watch to fit in securely. The charger will be using the USB Type-C port. So, in case you have a smartphone with the same port type, then you don’t have to carry all the cables at once.

Software, features, and specifications:

The GT2 watch is mainly powered by the Kirin A1 processor, designed specifically for wearable gadgets. It is then focused on the Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC, noted for maximum WearOS devices. Then it has Exynos 9110 SoC as part of its processor.

  • However, this watch does not specify any RAM availability. But, it mentions that there is 2 GB of storage available on the watch. It is perfectly used for storing the audio files on your watch and then directly streamlined using a Bluetooth headset.
  • This watch has support for Bluetooth 5.1 with the GPS for tracking down outdoor runs. Moreover, the watch is crafted to be water-resistant to up to 5 ATM. So, you can take this piece for a swim if you want. The 46mm variant of this watch is further capable of receiving calls via Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • This watch runs on proprietary software, and it is meant to be compatible with the devices running on iOS 9, Android 4.4, or up. But, you do not have the option to download the new apps on this watch, which might limit its capabilities.

Overall, this GT 2 smartwatch from Huawei is great to look at and also holds some magnificent features. So, for the price you are spending on this product, it is really worth the investment.

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