Beautiful outdoor furniture to enjoy this Summer

We are all excited that things will be finally going back to normal and this combined with the weather also getting better. It has been tough for all of us but I feel we can all have a breathe of relief and start looking at brighter days ahead…literally. You probably noticed we posted a few articles about redecorating your house and how that could be a great idea to keep you busy and somehow entertained during lockdown. Productivity is such a good way to pass the time and keep our minds in the right place. We talked about indoor decoration but in this article we will focus on outdoors, finally! The weather is nice so is time to tackle that revamping you have been meaning to do outside but the weather didn’t allow. Read on for some great ideas!

Just looking at these sunny pictures makes me feel inspired. It reminds me of summer, holidays and just being outdoors with the sun kissing my face. I know I said it before but being Brazilian the sun is a huge factor that affect my humour. Sunny days give me an instant boost in energy and this is what you need to start organizing your garden for endless and most needed barbecues with your friends and family so with that in mind let me share with you a little bit about Sky-Line Design and their gorgeous luxury rattan furniture.

This Cube Daybed caught my eyes straight away. If you are like me and love things that are out of the box this item is for you.

I had a lovely garden when I lived in Dubai and I used to have a swing chair where I would sit in the afternoons and read a book with a cup of coffee. When I saw this item on their website it brought some amazing memories. This is for sure one of my favourite items I have seen so far. It is very stylish and modern. It also looks very sturdy.

I am sure you are feeling that rush of energy I mentioned after seeing these few items from Sky-Line design so go check out their website. They have a huge range of products varying from outdoor rugs to lighting and statues, all to make your garden inviting and stylish this Summer. Also if you are looking for alternatives I would recommend checking The Hammock for some gorgeous hammock options that will make your home even more beautiful and stylish. They have a variety of products including travel and baby hammocks. Absolutely stunning products!


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