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Now that the weather is starting to get a little more cold and wet for Autumn, the boys’ Kozi Kidz rainwear is getting even more use. Mr T has had a Kozi Kidz raincoat for a while and we were sent a Kozi Kidz outdoor essential rain set for review. I had presumed the rain set was going to be a one piece garment like some others we’ve had in the past but actually it comes in two pieces which is so much more convenient, and way better. With the one piece sets, I’ve found they don’t always get worn as they can be a bit more hassle but this two piece set is so versatile, so even when the whole set is not being worn the coat gets used on a daily basis.

kozi kids essential rainwear waterproof suits for outdoors play in autumn and winter on rainy daysOn rainy or damp days, the full set is perfect when playing out in the garden, park or woods. My kids love to climb and play and this suit gives them lots of protection from the weather and preserves their clothes. The Essential Rain Sets are 100% waterproof to 3000mm and feature robust welded seams that ensure no water seeps through. Mr T definitely seemed comfortable enough playing in the suit even when our grass and playing equipment was wet after it had been raining. Once Autumn and Winter are in full swing this will definitely be really useful, as the kids get very restless staying indoors every day and I’m sure they will want to play out in the garden after school even if it is not dry.

kozi kidz essential rainwear

The coat zips closed and can also be fastened with poppers. Underneath the waterproof trousers are held up by braces, which is very practical. You would not want the trousers to be able to droop down leaving a gap between the coat and trousers exposed to getting wet and cold. This is much more snug! If you don’t want the braces, then you can clip them off so it’s very versatile. There is also a strap if you want to attach the trousers to the bottom of your child’s wellies or boots.

kozi kidz rainwear with detachable bracesThis is also easier for children to put on by themselves, compared to the one piece suits which can be a little tricky.

The quality of the rain suit is very good. I’ve been very impressed with all Kozi Kidz products that we have tried and this is no different. It’s very well made, and looks and feels great.

kozi kidz rainwear with hoodResearch has shown that only 1 in 5 kids is “connected to nature” so practical clothes like this are even more important than ever to make it easier for the kids to keep playing outside all year round.  Kozi Kidz is also firmly focused on your child’s safety, adding crucial features such as reflectors for increased visibility in dark or grey conditions and a fully detachable hood on the jacket.  With these reflective features the coat is perfect for dark winter school runs, and then if the boys want to play in the garden once they get home they could simply add on the trousers  and they are good to go.

kozi kidz rainwear

For more information about the Kozi Kidz Essential Rain Sets visit www.kozikidz.com.

For more information about the RSPB’s research visit http://www.rspb.org.uk/news/355439-just-one-in-five-uk-children-connected-to-nature-groundbreaking-study-finds-.


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  1. These would be ideal for my grandchildren when they explore the village they are moving to this month. They will be surrounded by fields so I think they will be ideal candidates for weatherproof clothing.


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