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shows to see with kidsBeing in London we are really lucky to have lots of arenas and theatres nearby. I always enjoy taking the boys to see something new when we get a chance, it makes a great day out for the whole family. It’s always a good option in winter as the weather is colder, its harder to find things to do to occupy the whole family as its so cold outside that a lot of days out ideas are off the table for a little while as it can be so uncomfy to be in the great outdoors in the freezing wind and rain!

Some of our favourite shows to see with kids, which we have seen in the past are:

  • Disney on Ice – We saw this at Wembley but you can also see it at the 02 Arena. We saw the Passport to Adventure one last Christmas for the boys’s dad’s work Christmas party. Best Christmas party idea ever! I keep telling him can you go and hint to the Christmas Party organisers to do that for the kids party again! I would also love to take the boys to see Dare to Dream and Worlds of Fantasy among others. I love it as much as the kids, because yes – I am one of those Disney mad mothers!!
  • Dora Live – We saw this over the Summer and the boys enjoyed it. I always find preschool performances based on fave TV characters to be quite good, as it keeps even the younger ones attention. You can see our full review of it here
  • Ben and Holly Live – Much like Dora, this went down really well with the kids! I didn’t review that one on the blog but it was great for them.
  • Pantomime – I took Mr Z last year for the first time. I think the others would have been a bit young for it, but maybe from this year Mr T would be okay too so I would say from about 4+ as it was quite a long show. Last year our local one was Peter Pan, and I think this year it will be Cinderella. Hopefully will take them again. CBeebies Pantomime would be another great one! The performance is in Sheffield and you could apply for tickets earlier in the year but we did not get any! Maybe next year though. I’m also considering Reading for Panto as I think Justin Fletcher performs there every year and we do love Justin!
  • The Lion King – This was an amazing show! It’s only suitable for 8+ so it is for older children and mine are not ready for it quite yet but for those who are at that age it’s brilliant. I went on a child free day with my sister, and our full review is here if you want a look.
  • Circus – Last year I won some tickets to a circus that had come to Brent Cross. Mr Z went with his dad and two of cousins and said it was a great performance! Shame I missed out but I had to stay home and look after the younger two as it was quite late, but they all said it was brilliant show, suitable for age about 4+.
  • Football – Not exactly a show as such, but another thing Mr Z went to watch with his dad earlier in the year was the Danone Cup for junior Football and the matches were something great for them to watch

We have lots more planned in the coming months too, starting with Sid Sloane’s show which we should be seeing this weekend in Stratford. I will be back with a review on that one afterwards! We are also looking forward to CBeebies Live! and Peppa Pig Live after the new year, so look out for reviews on those too.

I can’t help but look further into the future and think of more ideas on where to take the boys as they get a little older. There are loads of show on at the 02 so we are spoilt for choice really. There are sport events like the ww3 uk tour 2013 and performers like Diversity which would be amazing to watch!

What shows have you been to, or what shows do you have your eye on? Let me know in the comments!

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