Setting up a Backyard Cinema, with Dreamworks Home

This summer, setting up a movie in the garden was on our “must-try” list and the release of one of Home in digital HD gave us the perfect excuse to try it out. My boys saw this a couple of times in the cinema, but were still keen to watch it again. I think it’s going to be one of those movies that gets watched over and over in our house, and there are several catch phrases from the movie that have really stuck with the kids (the famous “my hands are in the air like I just do not care!” and many others!)

Some of our friends and family hadn’t seen Home yet, so we got a few of them around and set up the movie with a projector in our back garden.

Home is an ideal movie if you want to try a backyard screening, because it entertains the children and the adults alike – so should keep everyone happy. It has plenty of humour, a great sound track and ends on a positive making it a perfect feel good family movie for a summer cinema party.

Setting up a backyard cinema. All the equipment you need to project a movie in your garden, or anywhere outdoors. This makes a perfect summer party for all the family

If you haven’t yet seen Home, it tells the story of “Oh” a Boov from another planet, who comes to Earth along with his species, fleeing from their enemy the Gorg. As part of this, they relocate all of the humans to Australia and take over the rest of Earth. While relocating they accidentally miss one girl, Tip (played by Rihanna) who then becomes friends with Oh, as they go on a journey to reunite her with her Mom (played by Jennifer Lopez)

The movie works on a couple of levels, with the children entertained by the antics of the Boovs and the humour of the story (Tip’s cat ‘Pig’ is another loveable character that brings plenty of humour). The adults watching may appreciate the messages that come along with the Boov occupation and what the characters learn from that.

How to set up a backyard cinema

This is actually easier than you might think. You will need a couple of pieces of equipment, but since you can use your iPad and a projector that runs off battery power, you will not need to run cables across the garden, or anything of that nature.

We used (affiliate links included for your convenience):

Using your movie in digital download format is the easiest way to screen with a projector, since you can easily connect your iPad up to the projector using the HDMI connector wire.

It’s best to hold the movie screening or party in the evening once it’s getting dark so that the movie projection will show up more brightly – it’s fun for the kids to stay up late outside too. Ours found it pretty exciting!

Setting up a backyard movie theatreTo set up the party atmosphere we also decorated with bunting and balloons (purple like a Boov of course!) and brought out snacks and drinks to enjoy with the movie. Our movie finished pretty late (midnight!) so the kids had to go straight up to bed afterwards but if we had set it up a little earlier, then putting on the sound track for them to dance and run around would have been great for a Home themed party too. As you can see here Z is channelling Oh’s “hands in the air” style dancing!

watching dreamworks home in an outdoor movie screening

In addition to the movie, the digital download and Blu-Ray / DVD versions of the movie have loads of special features:

  • Best Party Ever! – A Boov-tastic introduction, featuring a HOME montage and voiceover from Oh, inviting you to enjoy all the out-of-this-world extras!
  • Party Play All – A Boov bonus meter fills up as you watch the fun-packed special features, leading up to an explosion of color and bubbles!
  •  Oh’s Shake Your Boov Thing – Get up and dance with this exciting mash-up of feature footage and music that combines to create an exciting HOME dance video!
  •  “Feel the Light” by Jennifer Lopez – Music Video – Move and groove to the Boov beat watching Jennifer Lopez’s hit music video from the HOME soundtrack!
  •  “Feel the Light” by Jennifer Lopez – Lyric Video – Watch Jennifer Lopez’s hit music video with colorful on-screen lyrics to help you sing along!
  • Oh’s Boovy Jukebox – Oh’s interactive jukebox includes 16 songs and will take you directly to all the magical music moments in HOME!
  • Oh’s Party Planning Tips – Oh’s top tip’s for party planning let you create an impressive Boov bash of your own!
  • This is Being Boov – Get to know all about the Boov in this humorous, handy guide showcasing the characteristics of this unique alien species!
  • Almost Home – See the trials and tribulations of the Boov on their journey across the galaxy, before they discovered Earth!
  • Testing Lab – See how the Boov tested out some uniquely human items in their super-secret Boov testing lab.
  • Deleted Scenes – The hilarious HOME adventure continues with 25 minutes of deleted scenes you couldn’t see in theaters!
  • Be an Artist! – Animator Andy Erekson introduces you to the HOME character drawing tutorials!
  • Stars of Home – Meet the characters of HOME and the extremely talented human actors who voice them!

Home is out now for download in digital HD

Get your free Home printable colouring and activity pages here

dreamworks home out now for digital download

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