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My boys always liked the idea of having a toy pet so I was keen to try out the new Happy’s from Flair to see what they made of them. These pets are controlled with Infra red technology and are very active. There are 3 puppies and one kitten in the range, and we have the cute little kitten named Mittens.

Mr T and Mr R were especially excited to play with their new pet!


Mittens is very soft and fluffy and cute! All the pets are the same size, and the boys did think she looks a bit like a guinea pig or hamster because of the size but once I explained they soon recognised her as a little baby kitten.

Like all of the Happy’s, Mittens has a treat which can be used as a controller to get her to perform an action and to try and train her to follow you. Mittens’ treat is a fish and it trains her to do the action of begging. Mr T loved to use the treat to pretend to feed her too, and got involved in the role play side of having a pet.

happys2You can also use the button on her back to activate her and then she will run around like crazy. The boys love running after her and trying to catch her. If you have a large space to do this it’s great fun and definitely encourages active play. We used mainly wooden floors but she can also run on carpet and even outside too.

happysTo activate your Happy’s pet you will need 2x AAA batteries and the smaller batteries inside the treat come included with the toy.

Each pet makes up to 25 noises and mitten makes lots of cute meowing kitten sounds.


happys5The Happy’s a very gender neutral toy and will appeal just as much to girls and boys. They are aimed at age 4+ which seems about right as Mr T age 4 loves them, although Mr R age 3 is also fine with them. You do need to be a little more careful if your child has long hair as it could catch in the motor underneath.

The Happy’s are a very sweet toy and have kept Mr T’s attention for longer than I thought, as he keeps returning back to Mittens to play again.

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