Sensory Play Ideas

Welcome to part 3 of our Play Ideas series for #100days of play. The focus is now turning to sensory play, one of our favourite ways to play!

Sensory play is a really important way in which children get to know and understand the world around them, through experiencing with their sense of touch, sight, sound, smell, taste and more. I’ve shared more in depth about the importance of sensory play before and you can find lots of examples of sensory play activities here on In The Playroom. You can incorporate any theme into your child’s sensory play, whether a particular interest they have or even favourite small character toys. If your child does not like to get messy there are still plenty of ways to experience sensory play while keeping their hands clean!

over 20 simple ideas for sensory play activities for #100daysofplay

Sensory Play Ideas 

sensory play with moon dough

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