Continuing our #100daysofplay Play Ideas series, I’m moving on to arts and crafts activities. I’m a big supporter of process art for kids. It does not always matter what the end result looks like, it’s through the doing that they learn so much. My boys love to explore different materials and processes and taking this attitude removes any pressure from the arts and craft session.

That said, there’s also a lot children can gain from making a “craft” where they are aiming for a certain end result. The pride that they feel when they see what they have made is lovely, and these type of activities often help to work on fine motor skills (like cutting, sticking, pencil grip.. ) and help to develop patience and precision. Spending time crafting with a small child, one to one or in a small group, is also a great way to bond and enjoy your time together.


Over 20 simple ideas and inspirations for kids art and craft activities

Kids Arts and Crafts Play Ideas

Kids Art and craft ideas

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