CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge

The new CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge toy is so cute! When I first saw it, I thought how cool it was so I was really happy that the boys got the chance to review it. The CBeebies bed time song is well known and loved in many households up and down the country and ours is no different, so I really liked the idea of this toy; a cuddly toy who sings the bedtime song to your child.

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge toy in boxCBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge is available from good toy shops including Amazon (affiliate) with an RRP of £19.99 which seems very reasonable.

Squidge will be familiar to most CBeebies viewers as the logo for the channel who can normally be seen in the corner of the screen while watching CBeebies. He looks very friendly and loveable, and is nice and soft. My boys were all very interested in him, but it was Mr T’s turn to have a new toy this time so he is now the proud owner of Squidge. He was so happy to take Squidge up to bed with him and I heard a few renditions of the bedtime song coming out from his room before I popped back in to find Mr T fast asleep holding Squidge tight!

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge toy with boyThe music is very easy to activate, you simply press the stars on the bottom of Squidge and the song will start to play. It’s not fiddly at all and you don’t need to push hard or make sure to catch it at a specific angle like some musical toys. The volume is on the loud side, so the words of the song are nice and clear and not at all muffled.

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with SquidgeOnce the music starts, Squidge lights up too – flashing red and green which the boys enjoyed watching.  To power the lights and music the toy takes 3 x AAA batteries which are included, and these can be accessed via a velcro flap in the toy to enable you to replace them once they have run out.

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge lighting upCBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge is recommended from age 10 months and upwards. I think it would appeal to quite a wide range, from babies of around that age all the way up through the preschool years to about 5 years old (depending on the child). Mr T is 4 years old and he is loving it. It would be such a nice plush to buy for your child as a baby and let it grow with them, as the music, soft lights and familiar Squidge character are all very comforting.

What do you think of the CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge? I can see this one being really popular for little ones at Christmas! We would happily recommend it to any little CBeebies fan!

If you like the look of Squidge, keep your eye on the blog as we may have something exciting coming up soon!

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  1. I’ve always wanted a teddy Squidge! I had no idea they made them. He looks great! I’m going to put this on mine *cough* I mean my sons Christmas list 😉 x


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