Scooter Tips and Tricks

My boys love to ride their scooters, my older ones have the Y shaped 3 wheel scooters but my youngest has the traditional inline scooter and he loves to ride it to school and back whenever he gets the opportunity, as well as riding around the back garden and in the park.

This Christmas, I’m sure lots of kids will be asking for new scooters – perhaps for their first ever scooter, or an upgrade from an old one that needs replacing. I have some scooter tips and tricks to share with you today, thanks to Halfords. Check out the infographic below with some exciting new tricks for the dare devils to try out, along with some safety advice which is of course all important whenever kids are out riding their scooters!

My little guy can do some of the easy ones already, but I’m sure he will enjoy practising and mastering some of the trickier stunts as time goes on, and he gets even more experienced with his scooter.






Infographic credit: Halfords

What type of scooters do your kids have? Do they enjoy trying out new tricks too? I hope you found the tips and tricks useful, to help choose the right scooter for your child, know how to stay safe with it and where best to ride it.

Happy scooting!


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